Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tripreport: Hamburg Part 1 The Business Class Travel

Dear Sentimentalist! Have you travelled on business class before?
Well me neither, but for my 30th birthday I was tempted to get myself in the business class cabin...and it was a great idea! :)
Since I had so many points already with British Airways, the ticket was really cheap, so it definitely was a must have!

Well after the first annoying fact, like the flight was cancelled in last minute at around 4am...when I was already on my way to Heathrow...everything was perfect!!! :)

At Heathrow airport Terminal 5 everywhere I had to go was Fast Track. Fast lane for the passport check, fast lane for the security checks. Once I was through all the usual things I went to the Lounge area, which is a privileged area for business class ticket holders, or for those who are already in higher tiers in the One World Alliance programme.

Fast Track
In this area, everything was free! Champagne! Wine! Whiskey! Continental breakfast and even magazines or taking a shower! Hah even toilets, were amazingly clean and just like in a high end posh club...there were all sorts of hand creams and pampering items.
Since it's one of the corners of the building, it is really airy and sunny with lot's of comfy chairs, sofas, armchairs filled with busy business men and women!
On my way out I even found magazines for free to take away! I got Harpers Bazaar and an Interior Design paper to take away...but I could have easily picked a few more...I just did not want to carry them to Hamburg and then back!

British Airways Terminal 5 Lounge breakfast with croissant and wine :)
British Airways Terminal 5 Lounge breakfast
So finally I made my way to the gates...where it was announced the flight was said told us anything and the stewards were busy letting everyone know that even the earlier flight was cancelled, so now there will be double load in the plane.

Alright, finally it was time to board!!!! :)
I was seated in the very first raw! Someone tall I'm sure would have appreciated it much more than me with. The legroom was massive...

British Airways Legroom on Business Class in my Golden Russell and Bromley boots
Legroom in BA business class
well after I sat down, the steward has taken my coat, put on a coathanger and taken it in a plane-wardrobe. The steward has also put my bag into upper locker and once we were airborne he gave it back to me.

British Airways Plane before taking off

Over the clouds somewhere over Europe, Green lands, Taking off
Clouds, Land, Taking off
Over the clouds somewhere over Europe
Over the clouds somewhere over Amsterdam
Can you see that circle rainbow on the cloud? Does anyone know what that could be?

Strange rainbow on the cloud from the plane
Circled rainbow on the cloud
And finally the breakfast arrived! :) I was called on my surname...
- 'Miss De Sentimental'! What would you like to have for breakfast?
Since it was my birthday weekend,  I wanted the best from everything and did not want the light version breakfast with light yoghurt and I went for the one with cold cuts and champagne! :) As you can see it was a good choice with the parma ham, aubergine, jam, olives, sundried tomatoes, pecorino etc and all of these served in Royal Doulton.

Business Class Breakfast on British Airways from London to Hamburg. Cheese Charcuterie and Champagne!
Business Class Breakfast British Airways
Landing was smooth and I was already in an excited mood because of my friend waiting for me at the Hamburg airport!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Time to read! But do you actually have time?

Hello dear Sentimentalist! :)

This morning when I was half asleep sitting in the tube on my way to work, 2 little girls...maybe 7-9 year-olds...were in the row opposite. I could tell they were sisters, but have not seen their mom. Only couple of minutes later, when their little brother talked to them, I realised that the rest of the family were seated almost next to me and not in front of me.
Why I wanted to bring this up, is because the whole family had a book in their hands and everyone was reading their (hopefully) interesting books :)

Now, some people could say it might be too much...and the family might not interact with each other as much as they should do, however this whole situation brought back good memories of my childhood, when me and mom read books...many books! I was a proper bookworm! :) Besides all those interesting books, I spent loads of time rollerblading, hanging out with friends, playing the guitar, walking the dog etc...

But do we have time to read and do all these other things in our life? I don't really think so :( or is it just me? Is it because I have grown up and there are all sorts of other, more important things than reading?... like browsing Facebook and checking Wikipedia (saying with a sarcastic tone)?
This is sad in a way...because it prevents me to spend time on things I really want to do, but on the other hand it is all down to myself! I decide what I want to do in my time whether it be Facebook or reading.

Since I spend most of my day at work, then at the gym, then with friends...late nights at home, I don't really feel like reading anymore...but I wanted to read! So finally I decided to join to the 'morning underground reading club' in the tube :) Now I am one them :) carrying a book with me all the time almost 365 days a year, sometimes making my bag as heavy as a brick, but it's worth it!

Readers in the Tube (image from The Guardian)
So Sentimentalists, tell me please:

When do you have time to read? 

What book(s) are you reading now? What book(s) have you read recently?

Currently I am reading 3 books kind of simultaneously:

1. Thomas Keneally: Schindler's List

Thomas Keneally: Schindler's List

2. Tolstoy: War and Peace

Tolstoy: War and Peace

3. Stieg Larsson: The girl who played with the fire

Stieg Larsson: The girl who played with the fire
4. On my priority list: Alexis Turner: Taxidermy <-- This is for a specific project, about which I am going to write in a later post.

Alexis Turner: Taxidermy

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Pear, Rocket, Blue cheese and Parma ham salad: the 1st home-made foodie entry!

Do you like being busy? I love it! It somehow gives me extra energy and willpower to achieve what I want!
Yes so many things to do at the moment, but it is going ahead as I planned it so far!
  • Personal Statement for postgrad studies is 95% done! :)
  • Changing my CV for postgrad study is in the same shape as Personal Statement
  • Sorting out the house, as there will be some refurbishment very soon!
  • Writing to Emirates regarding my tickets, I won with them. Done!
  • Completing my Australian VISA application! Done! :) Fingers crossed!
  • Completing my mom's Australian VISA application...0% in progress.
  • Planning the trip to Australia and New Zealand! 70% done! :)
  • Last but not least, my blog entry about no barking aRt biennale exhibition triggered some extra views on my blog and I was offered the chance to write an entry about taxidermy! It is very exciting for me as everybody knows I am very much interested in this topic! So really looking forward to it and will let you all know how it went! :)
And in the meantime I am trying to keep up with cooking and baking as well! :) So last week I have started using my iPad for checking the free weekly London women's magazine: Stylist, when my eyes stuck on the food page! It looked scrumptious and very easy to make! I immediately fell for it and ran to the market and the shop to buy the ingredients!

Pear, Rocket, Blue cheese and Parma ham salad!

Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad

I adjusted the ingredients a bit to my taste, thus I used the following portions for one serving:
4 smaller pears
3 slices of parma ham
70gr blue stilton
60gr rocket, that you can also replace this with small leaves 
1tbsp honey
salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar

Ingredients - Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad

First I cut the pears into longitudinal pieces.

Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad

...that can be nicely thrown into a pan, drizzled the honey on them and added pepper. Lastly I put this in the oven for 20 minutes on 200C.

Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad
Couple of minutes later the parma ham slices were also on a rack that went in the oven for around 10 minutes! Be careful, not to over-roast it, as it can easily be burnt.

Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad
So once ready, I layered the rocket, the peppery honey glazed pears, parma ham pieces, added some balsamic vinegar and crumbled some of the stilton on top and then repeated this until finished.

Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad
Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad
Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad
Carefully mixed them a bit and then ready to serve! :)

ENJOY as much as I did! :)
Pear, Rocket, Parma ham and Blue Stilton salad


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