Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Boggie: Nouveau Parfum… my new favourite singer

Last week when I quickly browsed the newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter and on other ‘interesting things’ sites, many times I came across a title saying ‘The world goes crazy for Hungarian girl’s video’. I never clicked on it up until tonight, when I thought it's enough and gave in the towel…and it gripped me.

I love female singers with a cute voice, such as Soko’s voice. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the song and Boggie's voice is very cute and tender!

And why it is all over the place now? It’s easy!
The song is good! The text is aligned with what we can see in the video! And this is it! Boggie gets Photoshopped by 'realtime effects'! How?

A soft voice with a soft, slightly tired or drowsy face of her goes through a Photoshop transformation while she never stops singing with her sweet voice. The retouching is rather slow and changes only small things until she arrives to the first verse where she opens up her voice and  has a fastened pace, at this point the Photoshop effects are also more dramatic and apparent. From this point I was totally engaged with the video, the changes and with her voice!

By the end of the song we are presented with a beautiful girl. The same girl, with a full make up and different hair, eyes, complexion, narrower neck etc.
It points out how fake can the celebrities' world can be on the glossy magazine papers and in videos.

Even though she is a beautiful girl, the end moment where they reveal again how she appeared at the beginning of the video compared to how she looks at the end after all those retouching, is shocking!

We should all watch her video and enjoy her voice! (Directed by: Nándor Lőrincz & Bálint Nagy)

In French

In Hungarian

Friday, 17 January 2014

Barbie Jewellery aka Barbie has reincarnated on Anne’s stalls at Bricklane Market

This weekend I had friends over here from Bristol. Claire and Paul once were one off couchsurfers, but by now we are friends and they visit London and me regularly. This weekend I took them over to Bricklane, knowing that they would love it. I was right :) Both of them submerged themselves in the stalls of the many screen printed t-shirts, in the quirky vintage shops all around the area, the food market with its Ethiopian offerings and the Renegade Craft Fair.

Towards the end of the market where it becomes a fleemarket, and usually people sell off their old bits and bobs with the women selling fruits shouting ‘Banana banana banana’, repeating at least a dozen times in a minute, there is a man with a van selling brand new shoes for pennies.

I have not seen this man for ages but if I am there let’s give it a go and check it :) we thought. Brands like Timberland, River Island, Schuh and Irregular Choice are included in his variety. These shoes are usually over 80 pounds in shops whereas here you can find bargains for 6-8pounds for a pair :) real leather, really good condition…basically they are new but maybe they were ex-displays or store returns etc.

Well the man was not here, but we found something very interesting :) There was a little table in the middle of the square covered with doll legs, faces, arms, hands etc. When we approached the table it turned out these were all part of bold fashion jewellery. Anne, a chic French girl creates these amazing jewellery from unwanted pieces that she can find in fleemarkets or in charity shops. She has plenty of earrings and necklaces using Barbie doll pieces. Another necklace was made out of old plastic dinosaurs in all possible colours of the rainbow. It reminded me of my childhood when I was a big dinosaur fan :) they are all really cool and well made! Hand-made! Hence they are all one-of-a-kind pieces, that would look lovely on anyone on a night out! :) Girls wearing her jewellery would definitely have some attention!

Barbie Jewellery One of a kind
Barbie Jewellery One of a kind
Please check out her website too! It is fab!

As she mentioned some stores in Bricklane already had interest in her pieces, so I really wish the best for her and lots of success with the jewellery! Soon enough I might be able to report about her pieces of jewellery found in the quirky Bricklane shop windows!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Last night in Hungary

Tonight is the last night in Hungary before I go back to London...

Usually around this time I am extremely nervous and always afraid of life! God knows why, because I know that everything will be fine once I am back...and now it's even better because I am going to Berlin again before going back to my routine. However it's after Christmas and after lots of family I have a little bittersweet taste in my mouth leaving Hungary.

I will only have one day, actually one evening/night in Berlin...and I decided to stay at the airport, because I don't see the point to sleep at a friend's place and wake up at 3am to get back to the airport. So I will meet Alexa and hit the town with her :) (unfortunately Udo won't be there)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year! New Year New Start maybe?

Happy New Year to every Sentimentalist out there! :)

Happy New Year!!!! Source here.

So sorry I have not written anything for a long long time, but I was extremely busy with some travelling :) to Portugal, Wales, Germany and right now in Hungary.
Furthermore I had friends at mine 3 times :)
Plus work was very tight with deadlines and 2 Christmas Parties, Christmas Dinners, Christmas Lunches and Winter WonderLand feasts!

In the next week or so, I try to make it up and upload the trips, the Christmas Selfridges Window, Christmas at home and Anna who makes amazing hand made jewellery from different Barbie pieces.

I found today this really meaningful picture about New Year's Resolutions...It actually tells everything usually people do. Look at the years and the NYRs this man tried to make.

Funny but True New Year's Resolutions.

My list could have been the same from year on year, but I know this year will be the turning point of my life!

Since I was a kid I always imagined myself being a doctor or an together with my lover...never really wanted a husband, but a man on my side! Living a comfortable life in an amazing flat....never really wanted a house...I want a beautiful flat, where the lover, maybe kids (close to my 40s) and me could live in.
On top of the above of course I need to look awesome too!!!

Funny enough I even have letters about my future....Hanna, my friend from high school, and me wrote to each other regularly, however the letters were not based in real time in 1999 or 2000....they were from our imagined future from 2014....
Reading them again....I see that some parts are better in this way, but I regret some of my past decisions...leading my destiny to where I am currently...

Anyway I am neither a doctor nor an artist, not living in Paris and not living with my lover....well I don't even have one, BUT I know that from now on big changes will come to me and to my life and I will do something for them to come!!!

So my New Year's Resolutions are as follows:

1. Maybe 'to write regularly on the blog' should be one of them for me! And yes this is something I really want to do!

2. Go to the gym regularly!

3. Start my Masters in October (this year)!

4. Save money for travelling, for my Masters degree and for my flat in Berlin :)

What New Year's Resolution(s), if any, did you make?


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