Friday, 29 May 2015

Brunch at El Ganso!

It is the modern feature of East London to have lots of new – I would say – Berlin style Cafes, Eateries transforming into a bar/club once the sun goes down!

Poached Egg Brunch at El Ganso
Poached Egg Brunch at El Ganso

Brunch at El Ganso
El Ganso
So there were around a handful decent ones at Broadway Market and as our first choice was so busy we went to our 2nd option: El Ganso!
Cosy place, full of cool peeps from all ages with nice staff…The name and tiles inside reminded me of Moroccan heritage, but the breakfast menu seemed quite British with poached and scrambled eggs. However I was partially right because the place is a Spanish infused Tapas bar by the afternoon and evening.

Brunch at El Ganso
The Brunch Menu

Brunch at El Ganso
El Ganso
Look at the pictures of our food and you will want to go there immediately to have some of them poached eggs with avocado on a sourdough immediately!
I also had a chai latte, which was fantastic! Having a sweet tooth, I always need to put 2-3 cubes of sugar into my coffee/tea-type of drinks, but this was already so sweet and cinnamony that it did not need anything else.

Poached Egg Brunch at El Ganso
My Poached Egg with Salmon Brunch at El Ganso

Poached Egg Brunch at El Ganso
Very happy me after seeing our brekkie

Brunch at El Ganso
El Ganso

Brunch at El Ganso
El Ganso

El Ganso is the perfect place for a sunny Saturday or Sunday brunch with friends where you can chat and relax while you enjoy the immense colours, smells and tastes of food!

Yum, we have to go back there to see their evening choices as well! :)

Do you know any great brekkie or brunch place in London?

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Broadway Market – Bread and Cheese everywhere!

The weekend started well! We established a meeting pattern with some of my friends, to catch up every, or every 2nd weekend for brunch and potentially to explore a new area or new bar, café etc.
I met up Nigella and Paul at Bethnal Green station and took them to Broadway Market. I have been to Broadway Market once before, but that was years ago, and I always remembered it being a nice place with cool findings :) e.g. clothes or foodie specialties, so I was quite certain that they would also like it!

Mr Weather was nice to us and treated us well on this day, we had really nice sunny periods, we could even take off our coats and just enjoy the sunshine kindly stroking our faces and bare skin!

Well, for me the King of the Markets is Portobello, since I live not far from it. Broadway Market was really a tiny one compared to Portobello, however it also had a nice vibe! It is open every Saturdays! Surprisingly instead of the even spread of veggies, breads, clothing and foodie stalls. Broadway Market was dominated by many bread and cheese stalls, with only a few of the other stands.

If you want to avoid the crowd go there around 10ish, when all stalls are there but the peeps are not there yet. So this might just also be the best time to flirt with one of the handsome hipster sellers.

Of course the music has to be part of the market feeling as well, just like it was at Broadway Market too. Close to the vinyl stall, a kind or New Orleans ‘Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam six’ style pop up band started playing their music! Besides a normal clarinet, they were playing on all sorts of DIY homemade instruments and they created a hell of a good time for many of us! Laughing and dancing with them!

Tomorrow I’ll show you where we had a delish brunch! :)

Friday, 15 May 2015

My reasons to move to Norway!

Couple of days ago I told you how to improve your language skills with modern techniques that were useful for me now while learning Norwegian...I started with this language because I fell in love with Norway and would like to keep the option of moving to Norway open and do all possible things before the move...hence learning the language!

But why I want to move to Norway?

Well first of all, the country is beautiful....

....and I would like to have a jump at Trolltunga too!

Trolltunga photo by Zhuokang Jia via his website:

....and I want to drive around the Lofoten Islands too!

Lofoten Islands from above
Lofoten Islands from above by Daniel Kordan via his website:

....and I want to see the Northern lights too!

Norther Lights
Norther Lights by Frank Olsen via his account at: Fine Art America

....and because  all the people, I met in Norway and Svalbard, were not only friendly, but they were the most beautiful people on Earth!


....lastly because Ylvis, knows 'What does the fox say' :)

What are your reasons to move to a different country?

Models are from Team Models - Andreas and Pia Cecilie

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Learn Norwegian with my unique technique

You all know I started studying Norwegian, and I feel I know quite many words and some of the grammar too, but I feel a bit lame when it comes to speaking or just answering fast. 

Lily has a new colleague from Denmark, who actually lives in Norway. I told the aforementioned fears to her as well and next thing I know that she set me up with his colleague’s flatmate to chat/text/talk/email etc all in order to learn Norwegian better!
How cool is that! We have been chatting a lot since then and I firmly believe that my Norwegian is much better than it was. I feel that I am more active again in class and can use the terms and grammatical nuances more appropriately!

Besides chatting with Tor, I try to do everything to pick up this language as fast as I can.

So these are my tips to you too if you want to master this awesome language!

#1 - Learn the basic grammar and learn more and more words!

Grammar card

#2 - Listen to your teacher and do all the homework in Norwegian! Maybe be a little bit of a geek and do some extra bits too!


#3 - Listen to Norwegian radio, especially children’s radio. I found it easier to understand it and the radio presenters speak more accurately and with clearer and easier pronunciation. For me NRK Super works wonders!


#4 - Stay in your comfort zone and do what you would anyway! So, like many Norwegian Instagrammers, so you can have 1 or 2 new sentences on a daily basis. With this you will only win - either a great feeling if you understand it and or a new word a day if not. It's a win win situation.


#5 - Plus I started following some blogs, one of them even uploads the text not only in Norwegian but in English, so I can check if I understand what she is blogging about.

Image Credit: Cathrine Heienberg

#6 - Lastly but most importantly chat chat chat!!! Of course in Norwegian! Talking or instant messaging systems really work well on your brain!


Isn't it amazing how advance this world we live in? #lovetechnology #lovedevelopment (When I learnt English there was no internet, the only source were the boring books and crappy photocopies of literature magazines the teacher handed out to us. But now....whatever is your interest you will find something on the internet in the language you love!)

image credit: X

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I'll show you why I started learning Norwegian and why eventually I'd like to move there for some time! :)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Mango Suede Coat - The new must have!

It all started with a sunny Saturday when I met Imi and ?Andreas to explore the world of perfumes in Bloom Perfume and enjoy a nice lunch together in Soho. We also walked a lot and what a surprise I found an Elle magazine on a bench.
But I was maybe stupid I did not check it for weeks, when in April I had a look at it and saw an amazing suede coat by River Island.

The next day I was at Oxford Circus to go to each RI to find that coat, but unfortunately I was told it was sold out already. What a pity.

On the same evening I was talking to my friend Lily and when I told her, she mentioned she just saw similar ones in Mango in Spain a week ago. A new hope! I immediately checked the website and there it was!

‘NEW IN’ a beautiful trench-coat style tan suede leather coat. I was extremely happy about it even though its price was double than the one in RI. Nevermind!

I wanted it! But since the company moved, it is not so easy to get to the centre so somehow I was not able to make it until Thursday.
Even on that day we had some company drinks, but last minute 10 minutes to 9 (closing time) I was in the Mango Store! And I bought it!!!! However its colour was not exactly the same compared to another one in different size. I know I am a bit fussy, but the shop assistant saw what I was talking about too…the other size was more vibrant, more cognac...I bought it in any case!

I quickly went to Westfield’s Mango store, where they confirmed that in all the Mango stores in London, I actually bought the last piece. :) Oh great I did not leave it because of the little faded colours and happy that I finally made it…so it was 'new in' on Monday and I bought the last one on Thursday!!! It is a popular coat! But so worth it! 

And since then I got it, everyday I have some positive feedback from strangers from the street or tube.

And here it comes! Would not you have fallen in love with it as well?

Mango Suede Coat shop online  - Tan colour real leather
Mango Suede Coat

Mango Suede Coat shop online  - Tan colour real leather_back
Mango Suede Coat

Mango Suede Coat shop online  - Tan colour real leather
Mango Suede Coat

Mango Suede Coat shop online  - Tan colour real leather
Mango Suede Coat

Mango Suede Coat shop online  - Tan colour real leather
Mango Suede Coat
Wearing: Suede leather coat - £149.00 from Mango
Black Lana Jeans - £30 from River Island
Front Zip tan leather boots - £72.00 from Topshop
Dark Brown Leather Bag from Russel and Bromley

* Images are from Mango's website


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