Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hungarian music video clips 2.

As I said yesterday I wanted to post 4 more videos today.

Music notes wavelength
from here.

I am on my lunch break at work and I don't have the time now to write comments about them, so just enjoy :)

Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hungarian music clips to cheer me up 1.

This is a post to all my friends and family members who don't work or live in their home country!

My three weeks holiday in Hungary went so fast and once again in the past 8 years...I need to go back to London and once again I have a last night in Hungary.
Usually the closer I got to the date to leave my home I was always more and more excited to get back to London, but for some reason in the past year this has changed to the opposite. Now I am stressed and feel all alone and hopeless when the day to go back to London is coming. My family knows that I get rather nervous, stressed and melancholic than excited. I get rather sad than happy...but anyway...when I get back to London I am happy again!

My cousin was in the same shoes as well...and I met 2 friends of mine who used to work in foreign countries. We all shared the same feelings...but what is this feeling?? I know for sure this is not homesick as I don't miss anything and I won't be able to live in Hungary anymore...but I feel that I need more adventures again! I feel the urge to leave London, because I am not happy there anymore...

Say goodbye farewell sayonara
From here

I need new adventures...I need a new country, new challenges, settling in again, a new language, more new friends, a new job in a different country, new environment and new stimuli.

So my fellow Hungarians spread in the big world feel free to listen to these songs I listened to in the radio.

The first song is not from Boggie who sang the song Perfume with the controversial videoclip.
Bogi - Feel so right (for you my friends because it feels alright :)

The 2nd song is from Kelemen Kabatban - Maradjatok gyerekek. Funny, but I really hated this band with their first attempt to be in the music scene, and even this song does not really have a strong meaning, but it is very catchy and it just simply means that we should all remain kids relive the first moments! I definitely wanted to put this song here, because it talks about the first times. To embrace the moment when you are a kid and you do something for the first time...and this is what I feel I said earlier...I need adventures to have this first time feeling in a new country's challenges.

The 3rd song is the first song Kedvesem from ByeAlex, who surprisingly won the Hungarian part of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. Really liked this song and was proud to my country that they chose and indie singer over the mainstream pop singers.

The 4th song is from a roma singer Mitsou (Miczura Monika) who became famous recently in the world as the woman from a far away country who dared to sue Beyonce, because Mitsou claimed her voice appeared in Beyonce's big hit: Drunk in Love's, first 20 seconds. It is up to you to believe her or not, but at least it made me to listen to her music and I quite liked it. Hope you enjoy it too! And her voice really sound like that voice in Beyonce's song. Go Mitsou!

Did you like any of these songs?
I post 4 more songs tomorrow afternoon.


Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions for 2015

How did you spend your last day of the year? It was way too cold on the last day of 2014's year, so I really preferred to stay indoors in my own room and not being outside. 
I had some invitations this year too, but I am happy that I stayed in :) in the end one of my close friends from my teenage years came over and we were talking for ages :) It was really nice and cosy!

So this is how I spent my New Year's Eve from 2014 to 2015. How did you spend your NYE? Big party? House party? Friends or family? Or the big street parties?

The first day of the new might be hangover or sober, but most of us have some kind of New Year's Resolution.
Do you ever check what your previous year's resolutions were? To see if you kept and achieved them? Do you also notice that you have the same New Year's resolutions from year on year?

Top 10 New Years Resolutions
Top 10 New Years Resolutions from here
So let's see last year's:
1. Maybe 'to write regularly on the blog' should be one of them for me! And yes this is something I really want to do! <-- I tried hard, but my laptop was slow and I was a busy bee too!

2. Go to the gym regularly! <-- I did go regularly until August, but strangely I did not lose any weight...since I started the gym I always just gained...not much but still...

3. Start my Masters in October (this year)! <-- well you know my application was not successful :(

4. Save money for travelling, for my Masters degree and for my flat in Berlin :) <-- I fulfilled this partly :) I saved up £4500 for my trip downunder :)

My 2015 resolutions:

1. Save money for my Berlin or maybe Oslo flat? :)

2. Start my Masters in October, hopefully this time it will really happen!

3. Finish successfully the courses I am doing, which will help me determine what to do in my future!

4. I also see changes! Big changes this year to come my way!

5. To spend time with myself and focus on myself and be a little more selfish!

6. I know already it will be a busy year, so no couchsurfers or friends to come to my place.

7. Lastly to reveal my feelings to Udo...or find real Love! :)

What are your top 3 New Year's Resolutions?


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