Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tripreport: Hamburg Part 1 The Business Class Travel

Dear Sentimentalist! Have you travelled on business class before?
Well me neither, but for my 30th birthday I was tempted to get myself in the business class cabin...and it was a great idea! :)
Since I had so many points already with British Airways, the ticket was really cheap, so it definitely was a must have!

Well after the first annoying fact, like the flight was cancelled in last minute at around 4am...when I was already on my way to Heathrow...everything was perfect!!! :)

At Heathrow airport Terminal 5 everywhere I had to go was Fast Track. Fast lane for the passport check, fast lane for the security checks. Once I was through all the usual things I went to the Lounge area, which is a privileged area for business class ticket holders, or for those who are already in higher tiers in the One World Alliance programme.

Fast Track
In this area, everything was free! Champagne! Wine! Whiskey! Continental breakfast and even magazines or taking a shower! Hah even toilets, were amazingly clean and just like in a high end posh club...there were all sorts of hand creams and pampering items.
Since it's one of the corners of the building, it is really airy and sunny with lot's of comfy chairs, sofas, armchairs filled with busy business men and women!
On my way out I even found magazines for free to take away! I got Harpers Bazaar and an Interior Design paper to take away...but I could have easily picked a few more...I just did not want to carry them to Hamburg and then back!

British Airways Terminal 5 Lounge breakfast with croissant and wine :)
British Airways Terminal 5 Lounge breakfast
So finally I made my way to the gates...where it was announced the flight was said told us anything and the stewards were busy letting everyone know that even the earlier flight was cancelled, so now there will be double load in the plane.

Alright, finally it was time to board!!!! :)
I was seated in the very first raw! Someone tall I'm sure would have appreciated it much more than me with. The legroom was massive...

British Airways Legroom on Business Class in my Golden Russell and Bromley boots
Legroom in BA business class
well after I sat down, the steward has taken my coat, put on a coathanger and taken it in a plane-wardrobe. The steward has also put my bag into upper locker and once we were airborne he gave it back to me.

British Airways Plane before taking off

Over the clouds somewhere over Europe, Green lands, Taking off
Clouds, Land, Taking off
Over the clouds somewhere over Europe
Over the clouds somewhere over Amsterdam
Can you see that circle rainbow on the cloud? Does anyone know what that could be?

Strange rainbow on the cloud from the plane
Circled rainbow on the cloud
And finally the breakfast arrived! :) I was called on my surname...
- 'Miss De Sentimental'! What would you like to have for breakfast?
Since it was my birthday weekend,  I wanted the best from everything and did not want the light version breakfast with light yoghurt and I went for the one with cold cuts and champagne! :) As you can see it was a good choice with the parma ham, aubergine, jam, olives, sundried tomatoes, pecorino etc and all of these served in Royal Doulton.

Business Class Breakfast on British Airways from London to Hamburg. Cheese Charcuterie and Champagne!
Business Class Breakfast British Airways
Landing was smooth and I was already in an excited mood because of my friend waiting for me at the Hamburg airport!

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