Tuesday, 1 July 2014

BookBenches around London! The new collecting craze!

Illustrated BookBenches have arrived to London over the weekend!

Do you remember the Elephant? Eggs? Or Wenlock and Mandeville from the London Olympics? These figures were spread all over London and it was fun to find them all around town! :)

Eggs in order
Faberge Eggs around London (source Guardian)
Wenlock statue in front of Big Ben London
Wenlock and Mandeville took over town (source DailyMail)
Baby Elephant Statues on trafalgar square's stairs
Baby Elephant Statues around London (source Telegraph)
This year forget about all of the aforementioned things! This year benches took over London...well we have many benches around town, where one can sit down to relax, or enjoy the sun, maybe to read...but these benches are special, thus they are called Book-Benches.

Under the National Literacy Trust's (NLT) and Wild in Art 's Books About Town project, 50 open-book shaped benches were distributed around London in specific places! They all depict wellknown books, that has some kind of connection to London or England.
For example Paddington Bear is on one of them.

Book shaped Bench in London painted with Paddington Bear figure on it.
Paddington Bear Book Bench London
Besides Paddington Bear, there are different themes like; Dr Seuss (pictured below), James Bond, The Gruffalo, Dickens, Bridget Jones' Diary, Great Expectations and of course Sherlock Holmes amongst other famous books.

Book shaped bench in London with Dr Seuss being painted on it
Dr Seuss Book Bench London
They will be with us for the whole summer, so get your shoes on and go check them all out!
There are 4 main designated areas where you can find them all. They are Greenwich, City, Riverside and Bloomsbury. If you are a bit of the lazy ones and prefer to have everything on a map, instead of finding them through exploring the area, then not to worry either! NLT has created maps for each location, just click above on the part of London you are interested.

Have fun finding these beautifully illustrated BookBenches! :)


  1. Are any of these book benches still around London ???

    1. No, the benches are not there anymore. They were sent for an auction at the end of August.
      If you are interested in similar things now. London is flooded with many different Paddington Bears dressed in different costumes. Some of them were designed by celebrities. You can also find colourful copies of London's new routemasters.



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