Thursday, 21 August 2014

Showing some sign of life

After a really long silent interval I am back again for some time!

ECG sinus heart
Sign of life

I had my bathroom and kitchen refurbished.

I travelled to Norway and the 'North Pole'

I spent almost 3 weeks in Hungary, especially in the capital

I had my tooth removed :( hamster face achieved after that...

Finally my teacher sent the reference for school and I made the application! I will have the results in any moment...checking my email in every hour of the day to see whether I received an offer or a rejection.

Extremely busy at work!

Wrote half of the 2nd article, but have not finished because I was not sure if the magazine would be published now or delayed for later...

Lastly I am busy booking domestic flights and hotels, hiring cars, checking out restaurants and booking activities down under...the trip of a lifetime is almost here...

Oh and albeit we are having the pleasure of the long weekend here in England...I will be doing some plastering and painting in the small hall and one of the landlord wants to check and approve before I move on to the whole room...but anything is better than what I have now...

Hope to be back soon with some good news about the university! Fingers crossed please!

XOXO till next time!

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