Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions for 2015

How did you spend your last day of the year? It was way too cold on the last day of 2014's year, so I really preferred to stay indoors in my own room and not being outside. 
I had some invitations this year too, but I am happy that I stayed in :) in the end one of my close friends from my teenage years came over and we were talking for ages :) It was really nice and cosy!

So this is how I spent my New Year's Eve from 2014 to 2015. How did you spend your NYE? Big party? House party? Friends or family? Or the big street parties?

The first day of the new might be hangover or sober, but most of us have some kind of New Year's Resolution.
Do you ever check what your previous year's resolutions were? To see if you kept and achieved them? Do you also notice that you have the same New Year's resolutions from year on year?

Top 10 New Years Resolutions
Top 10 New Years Resolutions from here
So let's see last year's:
1. Maybe 'to write regularly on the blog' should be one of them for me! And yes this is something I really want to do! <-- I tried hard, but my laptop was slow and I was a busy bee too!

2. Go to the gym regularly! <-- I did go regularly until August, but strangely I did not lose any weight...since I started the gym I always just gained...not much but still...

3. Start my Masters in October (this year)! <-- well you know my application was not successful :(

4. Save money for travelling, for my Masters degree and for my flat in Berlin :) <-- I fulfilled this partly :) I saved up £4500 for my trip downunder :)

My 2015 resolutions:

1. Save money for my Berlin or maybe Oslo flat? :)

2. Start my Masters in October, hopefully this time it will really happen!

3. Finish successfully the courses I am doing, which will help me determine what to do in my future!

4. I also see changes! Big changes this year to come my way!

5. To spend time with myself and focus on myself and be a little more selfish!

6. I know already it will be a busy year, so no couchsurfers or friends to come to my place.

7. Lastly to reveal my feelings to Udo...or find real Love! :)

What are your top 3 New Year's Resolutions?

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