Saturday, 12 September 2015

Today's Photoshoot in Westfield

Some of you already know that I have been chosen to be amongst others who can represent London's so creative and varied style of people living here!

The day is not over yet and I thought to share some bits of what happened earlier. So I went to Westfield, to their Fashion Lounge to have my photograph taken by Brendan Freeman, who worked for brands like: Topshop, Reiss, GQ, GQ Style, Harrods etc just to mention a few. 

At the Fashion Lounge, everybody was super welcoming and super friendly and so many trendy people around! I was wearing this outfit in this post and you can also see that on top of the 15 minutes fame we also got a goody bag filled up with lots of great brands' products! The whole thing was a fab experience with lots of compliments on my eyes and hair :) 
Now I'm just looking forward to the print to arrive through post and see the final images in Soho! Xx 

Have a nice Saturday evening lovelies!

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