Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas decorations already on sale

It's 2 days till Christmas!

These days, Christmas is mostly about shopping and shopping and more shopping! Especially in the UK where all shops start their sales straight after Christmas causing a craze for the best prices! Similar to Black Friday's sales in the USA.

True, Christmas is not only about shopping and presents. It should be about love, joy and peace in our heart, however I am sure people like receiving and I personally prefer giving presents! :)

Well in the capitalist world, shops and the government want us to spend more anyhow! In Norway therefore people have to pay only half their tax in the month of November, so they can spend more on their Christmas shopping. Well we are far away from this concept in the UK, but if you are savvy you will notice that many shops start their sales even before Christmas! Clothing, toys, decorations, games, electronics and whatever you can think of!

So does Selfridges! If you pop in their Christmas Emporium you'll see some of their decoration prices have already dropped by 30%-40%.

Black and white baubles and wire stars

Have a personalised Christmas Sack

Rustic Scandinavian style Christmas tree

Creative Christmas Trees

Even a polar bear popped in to Selfridges to say 'Hi' :)

Totally Christmas


Do you have any special decoration you love? I will show you my favourites on Christmas Eve!

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