Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What did you get for Christmas?

So what have I got for Christmas?

Besides food, even though I said that Christmas is not about the presents I still got some nice and thoughtful things!

Well I always get some money, last year it was put towards my beloved new Mac, and this year, I think it will be invested into my university fees!

So our Christmas is never a Christmas without a book. For me books are important for life, for developing my inner self, be knowledgeable,  to be able to be more creative and imaginative!
This year it is a book by a Hungarian writer. Peter Gardos has written a book 'Fever at Dawn' about how his parents had fallen in love far from their home. Being in a hospital in a foreign land without anything but hope.

You know it well if you follow me on Instagram that I like cooking and not only cooking but decorating the plates nicely! I got another book, which is a cook book. It's a cookbook by a Hungarian chef including fantastic traditional Hungarian dishes' remakes, making them up-to-date in the 21st century! The book is also special as Bernath Jozsef, The Chef has signed it for me!

Igy Foz Bernath Jozsef stilusosan lezseren receptkonyv
CookBook by Bernath Jozsef

And another book? Or maybe not a book! It's a collection of 21 postcards illustrated by Johanna Basford from the Secret Garden. The twist is that you need to colour it! It seems this new concept of relieving stress reached Hungary as well!

Titkos kert Kepeslapkonyv
Postcard book for colouring by Johanna Basford

I also got a handful of beauty products :) couple of nail polishes and a Clinique mascara. 

A Barbie Doll! It is not a collectible, but I am very pleased that one of my cousin remembered and when she saw it she bought it for me! :) Some of you may know that I collect Mattel Barbies!

And a fabulous coat from Bershka that reminds me of the coat Saga Noren wears all the time in the Scandinavian hit series: The Bridge. It's a #BershkaMustHave and I agree you must have this coat for greeting 2016 :)

Bershka Long Coat Military
Military Long Coat - Bershka

Finally I received greetings from Udo for Christmas and for New Year's as well! :)

And so what now? Everything is on sale so I would go shopping now to find the pieces I want/need at least half price ;)

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