Thursday, 12 May 2016

Results!! of my hard work!

Hello dear Sentimentals in the world! :)

Finally, after 9 weeks, we got our results from uni!

I remember when I sent my application, I was so afraid they wouldn't take me on this course, although my personal statement and recommendations were great! But I was full of with insecurities with myself! I doubted if I was clever, nevertheless I always had the best possible and even better than that feedback from work, but I felt something was missing. Some kind of reassurance...maybe just a paper stating I was clever and intelligent!

Yes, maybe this masters course is the missing part! Definitely, I feel that I'm stronger now! I started believing in myself! My attitude has changed to that if someone can do it, why can't I do it! What would stop me doing it? Yes, maybe Facebook :D and procrastinating, but I think I found something I am really interested in so nothing can stop me now!

So going back to the first thought...yes I was afraid...and writing the first essay after 6 years (that’s when I completed my bachelor)...was a painful experience...I was devastated… how bad it would be? I had thoughts I might have failed and eventually I would have even dropped out. But 5 weeks later, it turned out I got a really good feedback from the teacher with the mark of upper second!
Then the next essay came and then the exams...and I finished with an upper second and a first class :)

And for the latest trimester I just got the same results :) a first class and an upper second!
I knew one of them was really good but I was not sure about the other teachers kept us in agony for 9 long weeks...why can't they just correct it faster? We have a deadline to write an essay in 2 weeks or in 4 weeks...why can't then they have a deadline for correcting essays as well!

Anyhow besides all these studies, with my 'new super powered me', I even started the PRINCE2 project management course while we had our uni break...and guess what?! I passed both parts of them too! :)

I am literally speechless! Everything is going so well! I just hope that it will stay like this for the rest of the uni now...and now I may even have more grandiose thoughts and plans...maybe a PhD...but that's still far… far away, so till then I rewarded myself for these great marks :) with…

Tickets to.........


I have not been to Wien for 19 definitely changed a lot since then :)
So if anybody can recommend
       ♥   Any good eatery?
       ♥   Places to visit other than the big sightseeing things?
       ♥   Quirky shops?
       ♥   Cool districts?
       ♥   Anything else? .... 

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