Sunday, 15 January 2017

Get your Shard Annual Pass for only £20.17

I follow someone on Instagram who advertised the annual pass for the Shard last year... and I was eagerly waiting for it this year too, when my friend Phoebe asked me if I was queuing for it or not.

So I would like to share with you what you need to do! Basically one entry to the Shard is £30.95. It is a bit steep, but it's ok...but hey this is only for one single visit, whereas the annual pass which will be for sale from tomorrow the 16th January will only cost £20.17 and will be valid for a full year! You can go up anytime and as many time as you want! I personally went up to the Shard Viewing Platform 8 times in 2016. So if we calculate a bit...that would have been almost £250, but instead it was only £20.16, what a great discount, isn't it!

So here are the details! ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ 
Basically from tomorrow 7am the tickets will be on sale. What I was told by a Shard personnel was that you needed to register online. Then you would receive either a confirmation text or confirmation email, with which you walk to the Shard entrance and collect your ticket.
One person can only buy one ticket and the tickets are named and photo will also be taken of you for future entrance.
Please also take a photo ID/passport with you, without that they won't be able to issue your ticket!
Be fast as there will only be 2017 tickets released! Once all tickets are sold, an announcement on their Twitter account will be made.

Now, it is not entirely clear if you need to queue in front of the entrance to get your ticket or not...last year I started queuing at 5:45am, but there was not a long queue and we got our tickets pretty fast. This time it seems queueing is not necessary...further on you don't need to be a London resident, but apparently need to be a resident of the UK.

Personally I think it is not well advertised and finding info about this on their website is difficult, so you have a good chance of getting hold of one of these tickets!

And once you have one, you can go up to the Shard anytime of the year...


to experience London from above.....

when it's cloudy....

Shard_Love_London_Annual_Pass_London_View be in the lift which takes you up to the 69th floor with such speed that your ear pops.....


To enjoy the view of St Paul's cathedral on a sunny day....


To just make amazing photos of London from above...


To see when the sky falls down on London....


And after the downpour, to experience rainbows and be on the same levels as them... :)


You can enjoy a 10%discount on food and drinks and on anything in the gift shop.

And lastly...just to have the experience of using a toilet on the 69th floor with full length windows watching gorgeous London, while peeing :) ...

Hope you all can get your hands on a ticket if you want to!

Good luck!


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