Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Time to go back to school!

After years of pause from studying and agonising on the right course for me. I think I see the end of the tunnel now!.

..or maybe not...

I went to the university open evening at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Hopefully my next university!
Luckily as there were some annoying tube strikes in London, not as many students-to-be turned up, thus I could go into a seminar about the school's introduction and after that when I wandered around the hall to check the stalls, a woman was just passing me shouting if anyone was interested in talking to the course leaders then should follow her. Of course as a puppy I followed her to the door where I got admission immediately to the highlight of the evening! Happy :)

I was seated at a table with another girl, who was also interested in the public health courses they offer. A man was already sitting with us who was an alumnus, from the exactly the course I want to apply for! I felt delighted talking to him, however it did not last long, as an annoying man arrived, who was not even interested in the courses and was just there because his employer would pay the tuition fee. How annoying. I mean he was annoying, because once he arrived neither the other girl or me had another word with the alumnus, as he took the lead for the conversation, even though he clearly despised the alumnus.

Anyway after the talks I still had some time to interact with people and found some alumni who were really happy to chat! And here after so many positive things, like they assured that the course is definitely doable despite someone is in full time work and gave some ideas about the course layout and about the dissertation.

However here came the kick which frightened me a bit. I was asked what my future goals were and how I could benefit from this course in my career development.

As a well educated and mannered woman I elaborated on my goals...but while I was talking, I felt I might just talk rubbish, because one of them looked at me in strange way...then she told me...

'Have you checked other universities? I think this course is not for you! Your career development is too specific and this course to be honest is too generic, maybe you should check other courses too!'

Well of course I did and half of the course is related and teaches what I want, the other part are bonuses for me and I also have to take into account that this school has its name out there!
If I completed a master degree with them...employers will gladly open their doors for me! And this counts a lot as well!!!

So my to do list for now!
1. Finally I started to write up my personal statement!

2. I contacted my supervisor from the previous university where I completed my bachelor degree.

3. And I approached Mr Novartis, my ex-lover, also who told me that he was going to provide me an excellent reference! :) Isn't he nice!

Wish me luck for a good application that should lead to an unconditional offer!

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