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no barking aRt Biennale 2014 Part 2 in Espacio Gallery

'Well well well....' a friend of mine would have said.
Since I wrote that entry about a great exhibition in Bricklane by No Barking Art, my life has become more exciting :)
Their lovely curator Shizico Yi got in touch with me and offered for me to be featured in their crisp, brand new art magazine (but I will tell you about this in another post)

Furthermore, I have also been invited to the private view of the 2nd part, that was on display in Espacio Gallery in East London!

It was a busy week at work and I could not leave as early as I wanted, so I just arrived right on time to Espacio Gallery on Bethnal Green Road. The crowd and buzz in front of the gallery made it easy to spot the place!
I was standing somewhere in the middle when people started moving around and I soon realised it was because the performances were to start!

First we could listen to an opening poem recited by David Whiting, - Reflections of Love, Life and Mortality - standing in front of Tony Smith's paintings. Then we could fall into another world by listening to a beautiful song specially written and sung for this night by sisters Pelagie-May and Eloise Green, the latter is also amongst the artists who exhibited here!

no barking aRt David Whiting (on the left)

no barking aRt Eloise and Pelagie-May Green
no barking aRt private view
no barking aRt private view
no barking aRt private view
no barking aRt private view
John Humphreys
John Humphreys, whose distorted head sculptures have gotten my attention at the 1st part of the exhibition back in March, was here today too, showcasing 4 of his pieces.

A UFO that was inspired by the happenings in Roswell and by the alleged findings of a UFO, that was examined and dissected by the US government.

no barking aRt John Humphreys UFO
3 of his sculptures with works of Gianluca Pisano and Daphne Bampanioti in the background.
no barking aRt John Humphreys, Gianluca Pisano and Daphne Bampanioti
A head, titled as 'Baby Jesus'
no barking aRt John Humphreys - Baby Jesus
Jaime Freestone
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - On a journey
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - On a journey
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - I'm beautiful but bite
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - Dear Barbie
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - Dear Barbie
no barking aRt  Jaime Freestone - Bunny brains
Greetings again to No Barking aRters by curator Shizico Yi

no barking aRt private view Shizico Yi the Curator's words
AnnyRose: New Testament
AnnyRose mainly creates ceramics. This piece, the New Testament seems some sort of folded and patterned soft material like textile or paper  from far, but as I got closer, I realised it was made out of ceramic. When I looked at it together with a receipt about the 'Damaged goods', I first thought, this must have been a sort of interpretation of the New Testament being broken...however later I was told a story behind... well my cousin's young son recently told us that we try to find interpretations for everything whereas there might have just been inevitable occurrences of external factors, that actually leads the artist to create what it is in the end.

AnnyRose loves and cherishes her pieces trying to protect them from damage and any kind of malformation throughout shipping. Hence she travels and carries them with herself for exhibitions! This time, unfortunately even though all care was taken from her side...the flight operators and their co-workers still broke her piece of art. How sad it is...but AnnyRose was disappointed, but not furious and unlike other people she instantly had an idea how she could make it into a different piece of installation. Knowing this background information gave me a kind of connection to her piece, that carried values from the past, yet it was current and very alive!

no barking AnnyRose - New Testament
no barking AnnyRose - New Testament
After the welcoming words by Shizico and another magical song by the Green sisters, Hidekazu Sogabe (another artist of those exhibited here) started creating music...rather 'noise' as he also describes it. The acoustics and sounds were weird yet likable and interesting! Check out the instruments below he connected to the amplifier and used to make the sounds!
no barking aRt Hidekazu Sogabe
no barking aRt Hidekazu Sogabe's instrument
no barking aRt private view
no barking aRt private view
Silvio Severino: Last Vynil Supper

A great angle to bring Da Vinci's original The Last Supper into another life!
So which musicians would be the equivalent to Jesus and the Apostles?

no barking aRt Silvio Severino The last vynil supper
no barking aRt Silvio Severino The last vynil supper
no barking aRt Silvio Severino The last vynil supper
Tony Smith
no barking aRt Tony Smith
Veronica Shimanovskaya

no barking aRt Veronica Shimanovskaya - Perepeteia
Victoria Rowley

no barking aRt Victoria Rowley
Yuni Ko
I love these 4 paintings! Amazing how the artist was able to capture general lifemoments like Recovery, Growth, Follow me and Meet (titles in order from top to bottom) by purely directing the lines in different ways. I felt, I did not even have to read the titles of these images because they just shouted to my face what they really were! Very well thought and executed!
no barking aRt Yuni Ko
Zahid Mayo

no barking aRt Zahid Mayo - 2 paintings (large and small)
Roan Allen

no barking aRt Roan Allen Was
Pascale Pollier
Pascale Pollier's installation had already got my attention in the 1st Part of no barking aRt exhibition. 'The heart wax' a hyperrealistic heart sculpture reminded me of my years at the medical university. This time she brought a grown up, elderly, (maybe dying?) man watching himself in the mirror and still markedly connected to the placenta by a thick umbilical chord.
Observing it at first, brought me back to another exhibition I saw in Milan dedicated to Paul McCarthy.
Is it about birth and death? Are we already programmed what and who we are going to be when we get older and this is reflected in the mirror? Or the other way round; do we look back on our deathbed to see who we were? How we started? How innocent and naiv we were, yet sensing the whole world around us?
Interestingly on the last image you can see that this body is not only a body, its nervous system is also visible to everyone, showing, part of the cerebellum, spine and the nerves, which suggest sensation.

no barking aRt Pascale Pollier
no barking aRt Pascale Pollier
no barking aRt Pascale Pollier
Sandra Dakin

no barking aRt Sandra Dakin
Sharon Sondh

no barking aRt Sharon Sondh - You again
Naomi Szabo

no barking aRt Naomi Szabo
Laura Colantonio 

no barking aRt Laura Colantonio
Lucy M Johnston

no barking aRt Lucy M Johnston
Holly Maslen

no barking aRt Holly Maslen - City Foxes 1-2
Hidekazu Sogabe

no barking aRt Hidekazu a-wa Sogabe - Dokoka Series
Andrew McNeile Jones

no barking aRt no barking aRt Andrew McNeile Jones
Colin Binns

no barking aRt Colin Binns
Aster Reem David

no barking aRt Aster Reem David - Inevitable happenings
Betty Ritschel

no barking aRt Betty Ritshcel - Seven days around
no barking aRt Betty Ritschel - After the Gym
Ira Lupin

no barking aRt Ira Lupin - Safe haven
Ana Cvejic

no barking aRt Ana Cvejic
Georgina Howard

no barking aRt Georgina Howard - Beard Awakening

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