Friday, 23 May 2014

Weekending! Weekend plans? Rastaurant, Café, Exhibitions, Travel, Bars

Alexa is here again from Berlin! :) She's staying at her best friend's place and we will meet up to have a nice time, chatting, drinking, eating, hopefully enjoying some sun and maybe even go to Canterbury.

Since because of my tooth problem I stuck here in the UK for this bank holiday, not going to Amsterdam as my original plans were. Plus I am free now! No more people staying at mine for some time! No more friends or cousins, so now there will be some 'me-time'. Nevertheless I would still want to do/create a busy weekend with Alexa and Mariann.

Well we can say the weekend started yesterday evening, when our big boss from the US invited us for a drink to Brew Wharf close to Borough market/London bridge! :)
Food at Brewer's Wharf/Cantina spingrolls, chips, lamb, guacamole, platters
Food at Brewer's Wharf/Cantina
Tonight, I will also be off at the Brew Wharf, since one of my colleague has decided to grab the one of a lifetime opportunity to be transferred to Sydney and live and work from there from now on! So let's have some fun at the leaving drinks!

Besides the usual weekender things in the doing my laundry and cleaning the flat, the PLAN is to meet Alexa and go to Banana Tree restaurant to have one of their delicious dishes (birthday dinner)! They offer tasty South East Asian food - Indochina - which we can enjoy using our Tastecards! It is valid for the starter, main and even dessert! Great! Oh hope to have their tasty Pulut Hitam (black rice pudding)

After we are full, it will be great to have a walk to Lisson Gallery (close to Edgware road) to see the new exhibition of Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei, that opened today. When I first read about it in TimeOut magazine on Tuesday, I was not that interested. However once I realised that he was the artist who created the installation involving tons of sunflower seeds at Tate Modern couple of years ago. These porcelain seeds were uniquely handmade and painted one by one.
So then when I met Alexa on Wednesday she started talking about him and his newest exhibition, thus  came the idea to visit the exhibition together.

Ai Weiwei - Sunflower seeds in Tate modern (Unilever Series) Couple sitting on the porcelain seeds
Ai Weiwei - Sunflower seeds in Tate modern (Unilever Series) from here.

Furthermore there is another exhibition I am interested in. Taxidermist artists Polly Morgan has one of her installation - The Box -, using a taxidermied crow and snake, exhibited in Pippy Houldsworth Gallery. This one is up until 31st of May so better go before it ends!

Polly Morgan - The Box Snake curled around a branch with a crow
Polly Morgan - The Box

After the Ai Weiwei exhibition at Lisson Gallery I think I will grab Alexa and will travel to the other end of town to Shoreditch and visit a Café that I discovered recently. Paper & Cup where besides the nice hot drinks and ahhh lovely almond bakewell I had last time...we can read and browse among the thousands of books they offer for reading or for buying for a small amount of money that is then will be donated to charities.
Paper and Cup Cafe in Shoreditch, Mocha, bakewell with water
Paper and Cup Cafe in Shoreditch

Lastly it would also be great to check John Lewis' roof top terrace and its see what the hype is about over there. I think there might be some sort of exhibition of its past 150 years on the market. Hopefully we can also have a glass of vino up there! :)

On Sunday, another roof top terrace should be visited by me and Mariann, maybe her husband would join us as well. Sushisamba is not new anymore, though I have been among the first peeps knowing about it and going up there for a cocktail. The cocktail menu is quite small, and according to cocktail experts, sacrificing their life to the precious drinks and secret mixing techniques, they are not even that good, yet pricey. But hey where would you have that view over London? Yeah maybe from the London Eye or from the Shard, but this is for free, in a surrounding reminding me of Carrie Bradshaw & co. and Sex and the City...

So that's it for this weekend! I am not sure if I'll be able to post something new, but I'll try!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Or rather: What plans do you have for the weekend? Is it going to be busy?

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