Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Learning to drive in London

I am knackered...since last Tuesday (9th June) my flat looks like it is under attack! There are ongoin refurbishment works in the kitchen and bathroom, which were supposed to be finished by Monday, that was 2 days hour ago I just got the news...that they hopefully would be able to finish by end of next week!? Whaaaaat?
Anyway the pain I am going through at the moment really needs a post, but I want to wait till they finished everything, so I can share all the shenanigans of the redecoration which I am at the point...when I can just laugh about it...

After this little intro of what is going on in my flat currently, [which actually makes me really tired everyday, hence not being able to write an entry,] let's get back to driving!

Yes driving a car! Basically I have a driving licence for not less than 13 years now, but for about 10 years I was not exposed to any I feel I forgot everything...I had a 3 days intense driving with an instructor back in September, which went well. :) True in the very first moments...the instructor was holding his I could actually have a licence :P but he also recognised my talent and an hour later he confirmed: I was born to be a driver :)

Danica Patrick in green racer clothing
Danica Patrick Race Driver from BlogHer
Ok then I was born to be a driver, but in Hungary we drive on the right hand side of the road...and here in London and in England people drive on the left hand side...and the main aim why I am doing this now, is because in September I will drive through entire New Zealand and some parts in Australia, where also left hand side driving rules.

So I needed some training!

I found a local driving school and now I have lessons every week up until September! Surprisingly even in the first lesson I excelled and the instructor commented that I felt the car very well :) breaking and speeding were very smooth and I was good at it! Whoopie!
Although I still think I needed this time to get used to the other side...
Last minutes of the first lesson at the last turn, I actually wanted to turn to the wrong side of the road...

By now though everything seems fine and I am brave and confident. I must say to everyone, that driving an automatic vehicle is wonderful!!!! Just as easy as riding a bike! I am so content! So watch out New Zealand and Aussie! I am coming!

Lastly since, sometimes I also make funny comments while driving, I thought to share some quotes between students and instructor, that I found on a website (for Hungarian speakers) and website (for English speakers). I found them funny, so have a laugh with me!

Driving student smiling and steering the wheel instructor gives points in the banground
Learn to drive is fun! from here.

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