Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mafia Themed Friday Drinks in the Office :)

Usually for the weekends I like to make myself busy then less busy for the next one...in these recent weekends it never happened...I was always busy. Once friends were here, then my cousin, then I was travelling :)

On Friday at work we had again our usual Friday drinks, which was more special this time as my team was the organizer! :) One of us came up with the brilliant Mafia Theme! So some colleagues took the lead and it became a Godfather-like Italian style social drinking around our desks! We had a roulette table with both chocolate and real poker chips and cards! We had genuine Cohiba cigars, around 15 of them! Sicilian oranges, nuts. Cocktail, vodka, vino, beer and pizza of course to elevate the already good but hungry atmosphere!
By the end...even a murder happened with the blow-up machine guns! Crime scene investigators turned up quickly too!

Crime Scene in the Office - White tape stuck on the floor forming the edges of a dead body
Crime Scene in the Office
Then, besides that I decided that I would not do anything over this weekend...I met a great friend who is now one of those leaving London for goods :( and in the evening I went for some drinks with another great friend! So my Saturday was gone without doing any cleaning which was initially planned!

On Sunday though after I crawled out of bed (pm time)...I finally cleaned the flat...and went for a walk in the evening to take photos of Selfridges' always beautiful shopwindows! So I still managed to squeeze to take photos of Selfridges' Current Shopwindows, even though my weekend was busy again!

Stay tuned because I will share them with you tomorrow! :)

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