Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What happens when you meet your HERO?

Today I had a really good day! :)
Enjoyed the Norwegian very much, however it is getting much harder now. After the class, our routine is to go for a drink and talk about life with my friend...
Usually we always go to a different pub/bar, but this time wanted to go back to one, where we have been before...and what a good choice. We entered and I immediately recognised a familiar face in the crowd...Yes it was Mr Simon Reeve, whom I mentioned already in an earlier post. My all time Hero! My travel inspiration! The man who travelled the world and not only showing the beauty of this world but getting involved in current issues of the visited countries. Bringing it to our attention through interviews or through smart and dangerous adventures with locals. He really tries to show what is happening beneath the surface...what the real affairs are...and all this, broadcasted on BBC through his gentle and easygoing style...

But what happens when you meet him in real life? He is just as easy going and accommodating as usual on telly...but on the contrary I had a brainfreeze...I got so excited that I was not capable of saying to him all I wanted...and how much I adore him because of how he does what he does!
I have seen so much of his shows and learnt so much about those countries...and yet I was kind of only able to repeat what he said to me!

Anyway if his bosses read this! Definitely more shows need to be commissioned!!! I want to explore more countries through his eyes and passion!

Simon Reeve smiling as usual, while travelling in Lybia
Simone Reeve travelling in Lybia. Source: here.

Have you ever met any of your heros? :)

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