Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What's up! :)

Hello my dear friends!

A month has passed again....a lot has happened but I was not here to update you, so briefly I'll tell you now what went on and what is likely to appear here soon.

After the Borondo Exhibition, the next weekend I went to see the Mapping the City exhibition in Somerset House. Someone I follow on Twitter told me that it was worth checking this out, so on the last day last moment I still made it and I also liked it a lot.
I will post some of the pictures soon.

Mapping the City - Somerset House - Flyer
Mapping the City - Somerset House from here.

Then I had my birthday...troublesome birthday as I was referring to it...I don't want to update you how it went, because it deserves a post, however I am still waiting for one of the prezzies...a really beautiful one. So again soon I will create the post about it...till then if you want you can reread my 30th birthday week.

Finding the peeps and place seemed a hard nut in the end...had to move a date as well and on the night of my birthday...even though it seems I found some new friend and I had a drink with my best friend and with our new Norwegian teacher...I had a really bad toothache...

So now I am in Hungary and not in London...never bought a ticket this fast...bought it on Thursday and on Sunday I was already on a BA plane to Budapest.

fly BA - British Airways plane in the sky

I stayed in the capital for 5-6 days until the operation....yes small operation...

Hungarian Parliament Building with the Danube in the front
Hungarian Parliament with the Danube

But by now I am at home in my sweet bed, that I miss a lot :)

Good news in the meantime the editor/producer of no barking aRt magazine has confirmed that the paper will be out this coming week :) and hard copies will be sent to me too, again including my newest article! So soon a post about that needs to come too!

Before I get back...I will still be in the capital and will also drive with a cool car :) ....and then I might go to the Eden Project with friends! But before looking forward to the Norwegian classes :) <3


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