Friday, 3 July 2015

Brunch in London Grind

Our lovely brunch in London Grind - the little brother of Melbourne-style Cafe Shoreditch Grind! We are definitely going to be back!

Samuel Johnson's quote 'When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life.' shines in red through the neon light on the inner wall of London Grind! How true this sentences is, but me and my friend were/are not tired of London at all! :)

It was time for my best friend and myself to team up again and we had a really good brunch at the 
London Grind! She was in London so we definitely had to meet for long girly chats and some drinks and other treats like shopping. Besides that we also met our other friends, Senor Martinez and Barry. Senor Martinez was also visiting so we managed to do lots of things together, not only eating out but spent together most days as well.

On Thursday we finally managed to get tickets to the Sky Garden, but before entering that paradise we needed to eat something!
There were 2 choices around London Bridge. Both of us fancied the London Grind more and after entering we informed the waiter of our situation, that we need to eat in maximum 50 minutes due to a meeting…well it was an important meeting in the Sky Garden with Senor Martinez and Barry.

The waiter immediately was on our wavelength and he said, we were their VIP guest today, so we will have the food and drinks quickly and we should be safely done within the specified time.
He also led us to tables next to the open windows, providing a not London like atmosphere…I felt we were sitting somewhere out close to the beach, with some breeze sometimes blowing at us….the sun is shining and enjoying our cocktail-like iced mochas.

Food came soon as well and just look at the pictures…isn’t it nice? Yes! The colours just work perfectly! And yummy, delicious and filling brunch!

Ohh I could have eaten everything from their counters and from their menu too J

It still was a pleasure to eat there! Have not tried this specific one before, but have already been a guest in the Shoreditch grind.

The next post will be featuring a wonderful place in London where you can go for free! Stay Tuned!

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