Wednesday, 5 August 2015

London StreetArt - Trust Icon Part 2

'PAINT' says one of Trust. ICON's street art piece in Camden, North London. As I already mentioned in yesterday's post about Trust. ICON he uses his talent in street art to draw attention and capture the essence of real issues affecting our society or the street-art-world.

What do you think? Is graffiti the same as street art? Or the same as tags? I understand that some people would fight against tags on nice old buildings' walls, however we have to realise that this is not only about kids spraying their names. This is real art! However even artists' opinions are divided on the differences of graffiti and street art. Are they the same? Are they now?

So Trust. ICON came and painted the below piece 'PAINT' on a Camden Wall, protesting for the equality amongst urban artists! Graffiti artist? Street Art? Wall art? The result is the same...that they are painting London's streets much to the delight of many of us!

Let's paint by TrustIcon in North London

The Super Mario theme and the stencil piece appears in these works too!

Bag of Tricks by TrustIcon in North London

This one is definitely one of my favourite of his works...this looks so Sentimental too...and I can imagine catching myself daydreaming...

Head in the clouds by TrustIcon in North London

Now this one is my absolute favourite! Although his trademark is missing, but the wall has been painted over since this piece appeared in West London. This is just so incredible!
- Eyyy Mario! What's about with all those mushrooms? :)

Stop and Search by TrustIcon in West London

Mushrooms and Stars...the Super Mario theme is still carried through his other works! This one I found in a back street.

Level Up by TrustIcon in East London

Another crazily super cool of his talent! I wanted to check this out yesterday...finally a friend knew where it was, but I was too late...even the nearby skaters pointed me to the right direction...however they did not know that unfortunately this was recently painted over by another street artist. Although I really wanted to put this into this blogpost to show you all, so I took it from ICON's own account.

Yoshi by TrustIcon in East London (not there anymore) This image was taken from Trust. ICON's own Instagram account.

The birth of  'Preservation' was also triggered by some controversial issues around old buildings and nature.

Preservation by TrustIcon in East London

Finally this is the piece that made really made me like his art! Although I was a teenager already when the Teletubbies had their still brought me back to my childhood. I started following him on his Instagram account and found more and more pieces and soon I fell in love with it!

If you are interested you may want to buy painting or limited edition prints from him.

All images are taken by me except the and all of them depicts a work of art made by TrustIcon in London.

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