Tuesday, 4 August 2015

London StreetArt - Trust Icon Part 1

I decided to feature some of London's street art on the blog because of many reasons! Some of you who don't live here in London has already asked me if I could share my photos with them and maybe because in my teen years I was surrounded by skaters who had done graffitis, tags and streetart around my small town and in the capital...my interest in these colourful pieces lasted. So every now and again I pull my shoes on and walk and walk with my camera around London to find more and more street art|!

I really like most of them, but I have a thing for colourful, cartoon-like wallpieces. By now, I know quite many places where to find the real thing and also getting to know who made them...not in person, but reading about them and I kind of started collecting their London creations.

First of all I would like to show some of TrustIcon's works that I could find here in London. He is from London and left lots of art with his fingerprint 'Trust Icon' on many London street walls. I love what he does because of how he presents them! Real issues with and edge and playfulness! He must be very clever or just able to see beyond and able to pinpoint the issues of our society using cartoon figures combined with stencil humans.

In all his works he has something current, something important to say to all of us, like a philosopher telling the big truth of life to its students; making them vibrant yet simple!

TrustIcon is mainly London based but his artworks can be found internationally!
In this first part of TrustIcon's London works I tried to pull together some of his old stuff and the Disney inspired works I was able to find on London's walls.

Blind World by TrustIcon in West London

Forever Friends till the End by TrustIcon in West London (not there anymore)

Cocktail Anyone? by TrustIcon in West London (not there anymore)

Last Trip to Wonderland by TrustIcon in North London

Shine Box by TrustIcon in East London

War on Terror by TrustIcon in North London

War on Terror by TrustIcon in North London

Stay tuned because tomorrow I will be bringing his other big theme - his Nintendo inspired works and some other.

All images are taken by me and all of them depicts a work of art made by TrustIcon in London.

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