Saturday, 17 October 2015

Delicious Vegan-Paleo Vanilla and Blueberry cheesecake

This delicious vegan slash paleo cheesecake is dedicated to my manager! 

The story started with, that our favourite manager turned out to be allergic to gluten, milk and sugar....what a combination, right?....Before he loved cakes, chocolate definitely a sweet tooth type of person I am talking about...
It must be really hard for him to resist all the temptation you need to face everyday at work when we are munching on sweets or just when he pops into any shop or eateries. What he can eat is very limited...according to him...meat and juiced veggies and fruits...oh yes...did I not mention? He does not like and eat any fruits and veggies...

So I got the idea to make a vegan-paleo cake for him! :) And I tumbled across Emily's page and got the inspiration from her cake to make one for him! :) I changed her recipe a little bit to my liking and to try making it more sweet to favour my manager's taste!

Delicious_Palea_Vegan_cheesecake with fruits on top
Beautiful vegan/paleo vanilla and berries cheesecake

The recipe for the deliciousness!
For the base:
175g pitted dates
280g almonds (or raw cashew nuts, raw pecan nuts etc just no peanuts!)
pinch of salt

For the cheesecake part:
450g cashew nuts soaked in water
170g maple syrup
190g coconut oil
juice of half lemon
vanilla seeds of one pod

200g blueberries or any other berries or fruit you fancy
20g coconut oil
Berries, figs, whatever you would like to use for decoration

You will also need a good chopper or blender.

Delicious_Palea_Vegan_cheesecake from above, looks like the moon :)
Looks like the moon haha

So let's get down to the process!

1. First of all cut out the a round shape from grease proof paper to line the caketin.
2. Then pour all your almonds and dates into the blender or chopper and blitz them until the mixture stays together. 
I have a small kitchen with a small chopper so I had to do it in separate steps with a chopper then with a handblender I blended them together and turned out to be very good as well. If it really does not pull together you can add 1 tablespoon of water. But not more than that!
3. Pour the  healthy 'dough' to the bottom of the tin and press it down to become firm. While you are now working on the cheesecake mixture, put the base in the fridge.

Delicious_Palea_Vegan_cheesecake with figs and berries
What else than figs to go on top when we are in the fig season :)

The cheesecake part:
1. Before you start the whole thing make sure you have soaked the cashews in water at least for 8 hours...I left them in water for 24 hours and they really become soft! So it was easy and quick to work with them.
2. Chop and blend all the cashews until you get a firm paste out of it, once done pour them into a normal bowl.
3. Add the lemon juice and stir it in
4. Add the maple syrup and stir it in.
5. Boil the coconut oil above simmering water, once it becomes liquid add it to the cheesecake part.

At this point put away around 70g of the whole paste for the blueberry layer. I will get back to this later.

6. Add the vanilla seeds. If you can't buy it vanilla extract or paste will do the trick as well, just you know taste add more taste add more until perfection :)
7. Put some raspberries on the base and now you can pour the vanilla part on the base which was cooling in the fridge. Once done put it back.

Really nice berries yumyum

Great if you are here now, it means there is only one bit left.
8. Blend your blueberries or as you like them. As you can see I did not blend them smooth because I like the final effect of having small bits in it...and look at the picture how beautiful it looks.
9. Add the remaining 20g of coconut oil into the berry mix and stir it.
10. Do you remember we have put away a little bit of the white cheesecake before adding the vanilla seeds. Now finally you add that to the blueberry mix! Stir them evenly in and then you are ready to pour on top of the rest of the cake!
11. Put it in the fridge for 5 hours.
12. Before serving the cheesacake add some fruity bits on the top! Anything in season will do! Or whatever your tastebuds desire in that moment!.....and finally....


Delicious_Palea_Vegan_cheesecake perfect layers
The layers are perfectly separated

If you have any question write in the comment and if you decide ta make this cake, please let me know what the outcome is.
Let me know if you changed anything :) because another good side of this cake is that you can change so many things to make sure it is up for your taste!


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