Monday, 15 May 2017

Are you ready to slide down from 76m high?

Are you prepared to take control and jump into the tallest slide in the world? Agi and I were! You may remember the previous slide experience we had by Carsten Holler (if not click here) 2 years ago...well last year artists Holler set us another a newer, a much bigger, a much longer and taller slide in London around the Orbit in the Olympic Park.

I'm sure you all know the Orbit, the red something, the messy wired thing in east London...well that's the Orbit and to make it more interesting other than being a viewing platform, it was a great idea to mount a slide on its construction!
And what a slide!? The tallest in Europe and maybe even in the to give you a couple of will slide down from 76 meters high...that is tall...really tall, it equals to a normal building's 24-25th floor...that's like 430 stairs...crazy! And the speed???? around 15 miles per hour so the full slide experience is really short...approx 36 seconds, it still worth queuing for it!

Yes so you need to book a ticket at least a day in advance to avoid disappointment and then the ticket is valid for one slide...for which you need to queue and I advise you leave all unnecessary clothes and bags in the lockers downstairs, you can go up and down with the lift or on the stairs as many times as you want to, but only one slide!
Above the platform for the slide entry, there is a viewing platform, unfortunately currently there is not much to look at we are in the middle of a park London's silhouette is too far and from both platform if you don't want to take the lift, you can start walking down on the stairs...your legs will tremble afterwords :)
And now check out the pictures!
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Keszen alltok lecsuszni egy 76 meter magas csuszdaba? :) Agi es en, mi ezt tettuk! Talan emlekeztek meg a posztra, amikor szinten egyutt lecsusztunk egy nagy csuszdaban a belvarosban...egy kiallitas kereten belul. Katt ide ha nem emlekeznel. Tavaly ugyanaz a muvesz, Carsten Holler, most egy meg magasabb, hosszabb, felelmetesebb csuszdat tervezett az olimpiai parkban talalhato Orbit kore.

Szerintem tudjatok mi az Orbit, az a piros ize, olyan mintha egy kibogozhatatlan piros kabelhalmaz lenne...Szoval az az! :) Amely tetejen egy kilato van es tavaly ota a csuszda is ott van!
Na de micsoda csuszda!? A legmagasabb Europaban, talan az egesz vilagban, adok egy par merteket...76 meter magasbol kezdodik a csuszas amely kb a 4/5-e a Big Bennek, vagy Szabadsag foldi mertekkel szamlalva egy kb 24-25 emeletes haznak felel meg :) 22 kilometer per oras sebesseggel zuzunk le es mindossze 36 masodpercbe telik leerni a foldre. Jo lenne meg csuszni egy parat! :)

De a jegy csak egy csuszasra szol, amelyert meg kulon sorba is kell allni. Egyebkent ha szeretnetek kiprobalni, akkor mindenkeppen elotte nap foglaljatok be egy jegyet, majd menjeteke fel es alljatok sorba a csuszashoz! Ajanlom, hogy minden felesleges ruha es taska keruljon be a megorzobe. Ha leertel a csuszdaban, akkor meg vissza mehetsz a kilatoba, de mar csak vagy lifttel, vagy a lepcson tudsz lejonni. A lepcso is jo, bar mire leertunk a labunk totalisan remegett!
Na es akkor johetnek a kepek! :)
Where: London, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E20 2AD
Closest tube: Stratford, through Westfield City Centre
When: open daily, booking is strongly advised


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