Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Boggie: Nouveau Parfum… my new favourite singer

Last week when I quickly browsed the newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter and on other ‘interesting things’ sites, many times I came across a title saying ‘The world goes crazy for Hungarian girl’s video’. I never clicked on it up until tonight, when I thought it's enough and gave in the towel…and it gripped me.

I love female singers with a cute voice, such as Soko’s voice. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the song and Boggie's voice is very cute and tender!

And why it is all over the place now? It’s easy!
The song is good! The text is aligned with what we can see in the video! And this is it! Boggie gets Photoshopped by 'realtime effects'! How?

A soft voice with a soft, slightly tired or drowsy face of her goes through a Photoshop transformation while she never stops singing with her sweet voice. The retouching is rather slow and changes only small things until she arrives to the first verse where she opens up her voice and  has a fastened pace, at this point the Photoshop effects are also more dramatic and apparent. From this point I was totally engaged with the video, the changes and with her voice!

By the end of the song we are presented with a beautiful girl. The same girl, with a full make up and different hair, eyes, complexion, narrower neck etc.
It points out how fake can the celebrities' world can be on the glossy magazine papers and in videos.

Even though she is a beautiful girl, the end moment where they reveal again how she appeared at the beginning of the video compared to how she looks at the end after all those retouching, is shocking!

We should all watch her video and enjoy her voice! (Directed by: Nándor Lőrincz & Bálint Nagy)

In French

In Hungarian

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