Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sunshine! Friends! Parklife! Halo Braid!

Happy weekend everyone! :)

How are you all? Gorgeous weather here in London! Agi my BFF was here on a business trip from Hungary so it was great catching up with her too! We did some shopping, check her sunglasses and headed over to Villandry for brunch then we met George and Michal in Regent's Park!

Was so funny on our way, as they could not have been farther in the park than where they were from us, so they sent us their location pin, however once we were close to them, it turned out my phone showed one location, but Agi's showed another one.

Now, which one is the one????

So we called them and tried to find points we both could see. Plus we were waving at them, hoping they will notice us...because you won't believe but we told them we could see this round building on the side, they confirmed that. Then we said that lads were playing footie in front of us, they confirmed that too. Then we also confirmed that one of the lads is topless and an other one was wearing a burgundy what is the chance of talking about two different set of people? Very low, I guess, but everything matched, yet they still could not see us waving adamantly at them or at some lads :) who started waving back :D we even talked a bit, when we realised that these lads were not the same bunch of topless guy and burgundy T-shirt guy...How funny!

Hmm and what's the lesson of this story? That in parks it's really easy to flirt with handsome guys, mainly if you are waving at them unstoppably :D

Anyhow once we all found each other, we had a really nice time :) #HappyTimes

PS: What do you think of my new Scandinavian midsummer night inspired hair-style?

And a bonus picture! :)

What: Picnic with friends in the park
Where: Regent's Park
When: daily, nice in all seasons

Duchamp Earrings - Eyland Jewellery ~ £52.00 
Miro Necklace - Eyland Jewellery ~ £28.00
The bigger Necklace - Eyland Jewellery ~ £42.00
My Top - Zara ~ now on sale: £7.99 was £15.99
Agi's Sunglasses - Esprit ~ £12.99 at TK Maxx from £54.00

                                                                                                        ♥  ♥  

Photo credit: Most photos were taken by Michal.


  1. Looks like the weather was lovely in Regents Park yesterday ;) Loving your hair! xx

    1. Thank you! The hairstyle was for a wedding, but I so loved it that I braid it in this way quite often! Yepp the weather was lovely and it is gorgeous this weekend too! :)



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