Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Throwback weekends :)

Hello dear Sentimentals :)

You I sometimes complained about the dynamic friend scene here in London, but although people come and go...some of those that you became close friends may not come back to live here again, but at least visit London every now and then and that is a great moment to have a catch up about what has happened to us in the past months or years.

So in the past three weekends, this is what happened...I felt I was having instead of throwback Thursdays, throwback Sundays :)

First it was Mehdi and his wife Chris! We used to live in the same place with lots of other people back in the good old days and the last time I saw them was around 5-6 years ago at their leaving-London drinks. But as usual we could carry on talking about everything just like before :) and had lots of laughter together :)
*** Next time we meet in France! :) ***


Friends reunion after years

Friends reunion after years
Friends reunion after years


Then the week after I met Simone and their gorgeous daughter. We know each other for around 7 years and the last time I saw them was two years ago when due to travelling we only had a limited time spent together. I really like our catch ups because she always talks form her warm heart :) we always have topics and this time we were also playing a lot with the little one who is so cheerful and clever! :)

Playing with my friend's child


Lastly, Darren, my Polaysian bestie :) We met gosh...ages ago...almost 10 years ago here in London living together, then after moving to Poland, we did not really see each other for long, but kept in touch and now he was back again after 5-6 years...but guess what? Coincidentally we met in Amsterdam couple of years ago :) as we saw each other's check-ins on Facebook. Unfortunately, Natalia could not join us but well...travellers meet everywhere :) so surely we will see each other soon again all three of us or maybe even more peeps from those years :)

                                                                                                        ♥  ♥  

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