Sunday, 9 March 2014

Finally 30 i.e. my Birthday!

As I said yesterday I did not only have a birthday! I had a birthweek or rather a birthmonth so far counting all the celebrations I had :)


So first of all I travelled to Germany again! (Tripreport comes soon) No, not to meet Udo, but to meet my best friend from the medical uni! She now with many others lives and works in Germany and we decided to catch up in Hamburg for my birthday celebrations!

Well I really wanted to start my next decade with a note! 

It has to be glamorous! :)

Travelling on business class, drinking champagne and staying in the top floor room in Radisson Hamburg with nice food, drink and a good friend! :)


Then when I landed back to London, I went to my usual spinning class...where there were 2 surprises waiting for me :) Wheepieee

The 1st surprise: When I entered my bike was decorated with a pink boa and balloons saying Happy Birthday! :) plus Happy Birthday signs and buntings were stuck on the mirrored wall! Is not it great?

The 2nd surprise! Is my 'partypooper' friend who is actually amongst my closest friends and he came down to celebrate with me and another friend :) on this night too! Plus not being a partypooper! :)


On Sunday some of my friends and me headed down to Banana Tree restaurant to celebrate further and eat yummy foods there!

And I got really great prezzies from them too!
Presents from my friends

Roasted Duck Breast with Pei Pa Hoisin Sauce at Banana Tree

Tamarind crispy fish with Thai basil glazing at Banana Tree

Rob Ryan Four Seasons Plates

Kirstie Allsopp Craft Book

Ikea Ludde-sheepskin


At work a week later they have also wished me all the best with some cool prezzies! :)

From my colleagues I got the below items:

Wow a Letraset Promarker set!!!!! What a great idea! I was really happy for it! :)

Letraset Promarker Set1

I also got a massage and a manicure treatment with a glass of champagne at a fancy beauty salon around Regent's Park. I am not sure whose idea this was, because I'm not sure how much I'd like a massage or a manicure...but let's go and experience it! Let's carry on with champagne in style for my birthday!

ID Beauty Salon Exterior

ID Beauty Salon Manicure

ID Beauty Salon Massage Room

ID Beauty Salon Massage Hot Stone


Finally couple of days ago an old friend took me out for dinner too :)

So I wish my 30s will stay as good as it started!

Except for one thing...Udo did not say anything to me on my birthday...before...he was excited and happy I was going to Germany and haha even said... 'Aww little Sonja turns 30' :) He calls me 'little' or 'cute little' Sonja many times :)
We even talked whatsapped on my birthday, but he did not say anything... except...'Things are a little complicated right now. I will let you know as soon as I know more.'

But what does this mean??? What things are complicated that he also wants me to know about it? Is he coming to London? Is he maybe moving here? He was always open to job offers from London...that would be amazing, but maybe there is nothing behind, just wanted me to stop talking whatsapping on that day...well...strange.

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