Monday, 10 March 2014

no barking aRt biennale 2014 London Bricklane

I met a friend for a coffee and walked around Bricklane, as the day was so bright and sunny with the temperature crawling up almost to the 20s :)

We were just wandering around in the small streets before we intended to make our way to Bricklane itself to have that cake and coffee, but we came across some odd faces looking at us from a shop window... They were distorted...little bit like, when I was a kid and played with Barbie's head to make it really thin and long or pushing the top to the bottom, so it looked a chubby Barbie...haha

no barking aRt John Humphreys

We thought to go in and though the place seemed and was indeed small there were actually really many things to observe! Paintings, installations, videos, photographs, clothing...with all their small and interesting details.

Please have a look at some of the works we have seen at the 'no barking aRt Biennale 2014'.

no barking Art Material World flyer
no barking aRt List

no barking aRt Welcome!
Bricklane exhibition Material World

Can you see what's written above these cute kitty cats' heads? Probably what they think ... Fuck You! What a paradox image! Would you ever pair these cute cats with such strong explicit words?
Well Lucy SM Johnston did that and the result is not bad at all! :)

Go to her website to check out more angry kitties.
Fuck you by Lucy SM Johnston

Such a pertinent image...but what does it show? Would this be the ever essence of the USA these days? Champagne? KFC? Flag and patriotism with guns and skulls?
The idea of stretching the extremes is brilliant, however the execution of the picture is not to my taste!
'The Last Supper' by Ben Mellor and in the front 'Far Afield' by Veronica Shimanovskaya. The painting harmonises so well with the installation on the floor resembling to poppies, that first I had thought the installation by Veronica Shimanovskaya was part of the bigger art piece.
no barking Art Material Ben Mellor and Veronica Shimanovskaya 

no barking Art Material Ben Mellor

Eloise Green

Pascale Pollier: The Heart Wax
no barking Art Material Pascale Pollier

Lastly Jaime Freestone's installation with many different parts! Jaime is mainly active in taxidermy and anything related to it.
no barking Art Material Jaime Freestone

no barking Art Material Jaime Freestone
I myself also like taxidermied animals, and this bird with the bones os coxae and os sacrum is just perfect! What does this symbolise in the Material World? Is it the future as suggesting the birth of a black bird...of a black and dark future? guess not, but would like to see what the artist had in mind when creating this.
no barking Art Material Jaime Freestone

no barking Art Material Jaime Freestone
Finally, in the very moment when I actually saw this tribal mask, I had not yet checked the artist's name and someone else has come to my mind immediately!
Do you remember I wrote about Anna selling Jewellery made out of Barbies? Following her blog, I remembered she has also made a similar head piece and costume. So thought it was her piece of art, but after checking the name plate I realised this was from someone else.
Definitely they have some resemblance.
1st picture is Jaime Freestone's

no barking Art Material Jaime Freestone
2nd picture is Anna's Tribal Chic Costume.
Anna Tribal chic. Picture source: Here.
If you are interested, then hurry it is still there until 11th March! Side street of the Sunday upmarket! Hanbury street!
If you've missed it, Part 2 is coming in April! You can check it out here!


  1. Hi Dear Sonja: thank you for this great piece of writing, I am the curator and wish to see you at our part II exhibition,
    I like to invite you to our private view so you can have the chance to meet all the artists and talk to them face to face. It would be our honor to have you with us.
    Sincerely shizico
    Private view
    17 april 6-9pm at
    espacio Gallery, (next to Brick Lane bus stop, )
    159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG
    from 17-22/April Materia World part II hope to see you again.

  2. Dear Shiziko! Thank you very much for the encouraging words on my entry and I certainly would be delighted to be there at Part II as Part I was very interesting. Thank you for the note! Have a fantastic weekend! I shall be in touch with you closer to the date!

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  5. Dear Veronica,
    Are you referring to the 5th image? I would be more than happy to put your name there! :) Thank you for checking out my entry!



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