Monday, 24 March 2014

Upcoming plans! Busy busy busy!

From this coming Friday onwards I am going to be extremely busy...well at least this is what I thought...
But in the turned out that without having any communication from my 'then best friend', suddenly he got in touch with me and turned up at my flat that he needed a shelter for one night, because he had just moved out but not yet moved in to the new place.

So where are his better friends when he really needs them?
It still seems that a friend in need is a friend indeed...huh and that one and only night, he mentioned...became 6 nights....

So me being busy started last week...


tomorrow 25th March - I am going to a concert :) will write about it Wednesday!

28th-30th March: Claire and Paul are staying with me again :)

5th-8th April: a friend from Hungary is coming and staying with me :)

10th-15th April: my cousins are coming from Germany and staying with me :)

17th April: Part II of no Barking aRt - Material World Exhibition :)

19th-22nd April: Whoohooo finally something when I go away! Stockholm here I come! :)

24th-28th April: my best-friend from Portugal is coming and guess what? Staying with me :)

3rd-5th May: Yippie! Planning to finally visit Claire and Paul up in York! :)

The following weekend hopefully be empty and I will just relax in bed :)

15th-20th May: my cousins are coming from Hungary staying with me :)

24th-26th May: The plan is to go to Bristol and Cardiff or Amsterdam, this one is not yet finalised...but definitely want to go somewhere!

And of course in the meantime, I try to go to concerts, exhibitions and eateries in London :) keeping you entertained!

Lastly be happy and listen to Pharrel Williams' Happy song from Hungary!

Pharrell Williams - Happy ( WE ARE FROM BUDAPEST ) Official #HAPPYDAY

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