Friday, 15 May 2015

My reasons to move to Norway!

Couple of days ago I told you how to improve your language skills with modern techniques that were useful for me now while learning Norwegian...I started with this language because I fell in love with Norway and would like to keep the option of moving to Norway open and do all possible things before the move...hence learning the language!

But why I want to move to Norway?

Well first of all, the country is beautiful....

....and I would like to have a jump at Trolltunga too!

Trolltunga photo by Zhuokang Jia via his website:

....and I want to drive around the Lofoten Islands too!

Lofoten Islands from above
Lofoten Islands from above by Daniel Kordan via his website:

....and I want to see the Northern lights too!

Norther Lights
Norther Lights by Frank Olsen via his account at: Fine Art America

....and because  all the people, I met in Norway and Svalbard, were not only friendly, but they were the most beautiful people on Earth!


....lastly because Ylvis, knows 'What does the fox say' :)

What are your reasons to move to a different country?

Models are from Team Models - Andreas and Pia Cecilie

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