Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Birthday memories, Part 2

Chapter 2: At work

On the day of my birthday this year there was no fancy first class travel to anywhere. Actually I was in the office working a lot, but my colleagues remembered my birthday and at one point through the day…they surprised me! :) usually we all know that there will be something, but don’t know when exactly and how and whether they sing or not haha :)
They were careful and did not get me any chocolate cake :) because they know I don’t like it! Instead got a Victoria Sponge and a nice card and some more vouchers!!! Vouchers are great, aren’t they!
I can use it on Amazon, but I am putting it towards a bigger thing…I really would like to get the Philips Lumea Laser Hair removal thingy.

And I also got a massive balloon saying Birthday Girl!!! Without any irony isn’t that great to push yourself through the rush hour in the tube with that balloon and collect all the nice smiles and even wishes from complete strangers? :)

Chapter 3: The Norwegian class

On the birthday evening I had Norwegian class. I am still so into it! Maybe because I actually feel that I am getting better in picking it up from lesson to lesson.
Besides of this I wanted to mention this because our teacher knew that it was my birthday and before we actually entered the classroom, he wrote a Norwegian birthday song on the board, which we all had to kind of learn and sing along :) And we also had a short birthday drink after class :)

Chapter 4: Sushi Samba

Finally later this week after work me and a friend of mine from work went to Sushi Samba, however as I was taking some antibiotics I could not drink alcohol so we just went for the Virgin cocktails. They were very delicious!
We had a great night out in the sky eating yummy sushi, having a great conversation and even my toothache went away on that evening! :)

Sushi variety at Sushi Samba London: 3 different choices including even more choices! They are absolutely delicious and I love the delicate styling of each little sushi.
Sushi at Sushi Samba!

I always wear not only mascara but a thick black line of eyeliner as well, because I think otherwise my eyes are not big enough or not noticeable…and this friend…she only wears mascara on her gorgeous giant lashes! I always wondered what her secret was and tadah!!! It is now revealed! She just got me a great gift: Diorshow Maximizer: Lash Plumping Serum! She explained how to use it and using it since then…I believe the difference is noticeable. :) Perfect!

Diorshow Maximizer: Lash Plumping Serum
Diorshow Maximizer: Lash Volume Pump
What did you do on your birthday?


  1. Awww, I have to try the Maximizer! :)

  2. Selinda try it! Yes it is absolutely fantastic!!!! At Dior I was told to put it on in the evening and then wash it off in the morning before the normal daily Mascara, however my friend, many Youtubers and now me too suggest to apply it just before you would use the Mascara! Maybe don't even let it dried and it adds something to it. I cannot explain what it does, but it is definitely visible!
    After the Serum I use Diorshow: Iconic Overcurl Mascara!



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