Monday, 4 May 2015

Finally, Birthday memories - part 1

Hello Everyone! I have been away from the computer for a long long time again. When will I start writing posts on time? But this time not much happened….I was just sick in all April, and last week I even fell from the stairs in Aldgate station.  I took a tumble, just like Scarlet in this hilarious video…I am alright though J besides the many bruises I have and that I could not bend my knee properly for days and it still hurts if I walk a lot...and sometimes I do a lot lot.

But I promised you a tale of my birthday and I also really wanted to post couple of images of the beautiful pressies I got from my good good friends J

Chapter 1: Friends

Trying to put everything in a nutshell. It all started with that I first wanted a party for my birthday since most of my friends are really into cheesy clubs and music…haha I must admit, I listen to those too… 
But last minute I changed my mind and I decided to do a dinnerparty in a restaurant. I did not want to go to the other end of town so it must have been something in close vicinity of Notting Hill.

At the time there were 2 new restaurant/cafés on Golborne road. One is West 36, but in the end the other one a Viennese Café out ruled West 36.
Kipferl looked great on its website and I read reviews about it in magazines so it must have been good and its Austrian!!!! Buuuut…due to them having 2 locations foolishly I was checking the Islington branch’s menu…and it turned out that the Notting Hill one has not yet had dinner food, other than some nibbles….so this would not be good enough for my hungry friends haha…

Then I went to the Lonsdale (where Mr Novartis and me went sometimes) but it was completely ripped out….it seemed everything is against me and my birthday!!! And I still did not just want to go to some chain-restaurant.

I tried then Beach Blanket Babylon, but for the number of people it was only the normal menu, which turned out to be a bit expensive, knowing that I was going to pay for all peeps.

Lastly I was walking up and down Westbourne Grove and Eureka!!! I got it! The Austrio-Hungarian place! Tiroler hut! (don't judge the book by its cover - I mean the website is not the best design, but the restaurant :) ) Well again…no, Saturday evening was not an option because they already had a waiting list for that day….so we changed it to Sunday….luckily it was good for everyone, and my date that was planned for Sunday was also happy to change it over to Saturday!

All done! Yippie!

Although some peeps were a bit against the Tiroler Hut at the beginning, by the time we reached it we were all excited and we had an amazing night! The food was delish, massive portions and some homey taste!!! J Besides of all this…it looked like we were in Tirol somewhere in the middle of London. And Joska the owner made everything to make us happy and enjoy our stay there! Singing German, Polish or Hungarian songs! Jodeling! Playing on the piano, saxophone, clarinet and in the end he even showed us his talent in cowbell music! J
We were dancing, laughing, eating, drinking getting to know the other peeps as well, almost every table had someone having birthday on that night J

And my pressies? Yes yes yes!!!! We all say we don’t want the present and it is true in a way, but I must admit that getting something from your friends or family also feels priceless. I got Selfridges vouchers and a night out with one of them in a new cocktail place…and the long desired doll-head mugs, I saw on TheFashionSpot by ENDE Porcelain. Amazing!

Doll head mug Ende Ceramics porcelain
Doll-head mug - Photo: Courtesy of ENDE

Afterall we all went home fulfilled J


I took a couple of photos of the actual mugs and the other things :) Sorry the photos are not the best quality, because those ones taken by my normal camera disappeared from my Mac...

Doll head mug Ende Ceramics porcelain together with my other birthday pressies!
Birthday pressies!

Oh so beautiful...I am so into the white and gold can't see it here though but they have 24karat golden plated handles, just as it appears on the first pic.

Doll head mug Ende Ceramics porcelain
Birthday Pressies!

Lastly I was making some fun with the effects and got this one out...I really like how the lying got the gorgeous, almost angel-like curly blonde hair made out of woodchip...

Doll head mug Ende Ceramics porcelain
Cool effect
To be continued...

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