Saturday, 9 May 2015

Well done on me! I passed the Market Research Exam! :)

Just a quick update…I was doing an exam back in January-February which had 2 parts – an essay and an exam…the exam itself went really well, but even though 2 great colleagues were kind enough to help me a bit with checking the essay and making suggestions, I was still doubtful about the results as the tutor did not have feedback for me because I was a bit late with it.

It took 3 months to get the results…and now I have them! J
In my language if we are excited and eagerly want to find out something, we say ‘We are sitting on needles’ So exactly that’s how I felt…and I was constantly checking the MRS website for the results and calling the MRS Society and the company who led the course to find out the results.

Finally what a great relief!!! I have passed both elements! I have the certificate! 

The feeling when you pass an exam! :) Leonardo Dicaprio gif

And another small step closer to my final goal!


  1. Congrats, my darlin'!!! :)))

    1. Thank you Selinda! Yes I needed this boost for my ego! :)



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