Thursday, 28 May 2015

Broadway Market – Bread and Cheese everywhere!

The weekend started well! We established a meeting pattern with some of my friends, to catch up every, or every 2nd weekend for brunch and potentially to explore a new area or new bar, café etc.
I met up Nigella and Paul at Bethnal Green station and took them to Broadway Market. I have been to Broadway Market once before, but that was years ago, and I always remembered it being a nice place with cool findings :) e.g. clothes or foodie specialties, so I was quite certain that they would also like it!

Mr Weather was nice to us and treated us well on this day, we had really nice sunny periods, we could even take off our coats and just enjoy the sunshine kindly stroking our faces and bare skin!

Well, for me the King of the Markets is Portobello, since I live not far from it. Broadway Market was really a tiny one compared to Portobello, however it also had a nice vibe! It is open every Saturdays! Surprisingly instead of the even spread of veggies, breads, clothing and foodie stalls. Broadway Market was dominated by many bread and cheese stalls, with only a few of the other stands.

If you want to avoid the crowd go there around 10ish, when all stalls are there but the peeps are not there yet. So this might just also be the best time to flirt with one of the handsome hipster sellers.

Of course the music has to be part of the market feeling as well, just like it was at Broadway Market too. Close to the vinyl stall, a kind or New Orleans ‘Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam six’ style pop up band started playing their music! Besides a normal clarinet, they were playing on all sorts of DIY homemade instruments and they created a hell of a good time for many of us! Laughing and dancing with them!

Tomorrow I’ll show you where we had a delish brunch! :)

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