Saturday, 19 October 2013

† Miscarriage :(

I am utterly sad....when I was back in Hungary as usual I met my friends for a night out and we had chatted about another friend of us amidst lots of other things.
So I was told that Hanna, my highschool best friend was pregnant :) We were all very happy about it. The others did not know, but when we were young we talked about having kids etc at one point in our life and Hanna was always afraid of it as her mother had problems back in the days. She always said that the more she wanted a baby the less it would happen, because she had felt that she would be the same as her mother.
So when I heard about her pregnancy I was double happy for her. She could get rid of her fears and hopefully deliver a cute baby :)

Our friends did not know, which month she was in, so we did not know how early is to say things.
Today I was talking to my mum...and she had asked me whether I knew Hanna was pregnant.
- Yes I knew it but forgot to tell you. - I answered then my mum carried on.
- She lost the baby. - when she told me this it was a big shock for me.
Not sure if English uses this phrase or not, but this news hit me to the ground...usually these days people don't talk about pregnancy to everyone until it's kind of confirmed and safe. The information was leaked by her brother originally, but she might have been in the safe months anyway. The doctors don't know why it has happened.

So now I am in a huge dilemma whether to write her or not. We were supposed to meet when I was back in Hungary but at the end we did not have I really feel an urge to write her to let her know that even from far I am with her, but on the other hand I thought, maybe she would not want anyone to feel sorry for her and remind her of the lost baby.

I love you Hanna! And there will be a new dawn, a new beginning and I am sure you will have a baby soon!
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