Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Random night out in Edge of the Heaven :)

Today at work there was nothing special besides that I bought my ticket to my country to fly back over Christmas, however ahh BA is so expensive, that I had to find other solutions and it seems that going through Germany is an option again. Last year I went through Dusseldorf, however this time I can go through Berlin….ohh my…Berlin again, where there is a possibility to meet my beloved man, Udo… :) well he still does not know this officially…

Beautiful Berlin, source: here.

So anyway I was eager to finish work today because I was supposed to have dinner with friends I have not seen for a long time and because they have just got married. After that I was going to Soho to meet other friends who were about to get married later this year. So I was starving throughout the day thinking about the dinner. As I am on this calorie counting diet I really did not want to bring more calories into my body than what is allowed. But at the end when we met, the weather was so nice that they just decided to have drinks outside and not to have dinner…ok fair enough. I should not eat then, I thought in the hope of losing more weight.

After that, I went to Soho to the club Edge. It’s a gay bar or club, and my friends quite like this place and they know the security guys, apparently one of my friends even had a French kiss with the security staff. Well I arrived, never been to this place even though I know it quite well. A transvestite was at the door who did not let me in unless I paid the entry fee. Of course it was fine. Then I got my stamp on my inner wrist, so I thought ok let’s get the party started. The place is open till late, however I should have known my friends already…they are always tired and want to go home quite early…one of them I call the partypooper. So when I arrived the Australians were just about to leave and I soon was rushed by the partypooper to drink up my drink because we were going to Heaven, another gayclub. Huh this is so usual…of course they did not wait for me…so they went ahead and waited for me outside…can you see the logic in this one? I cannot.

Anyway on the way…we walked and then I proposed the idea of taking the bus! Why not, if it’s free (free because we have the travelcard), but it turned out the partypooper did not have the travelcard so he had to pay for the busroute and when he realized we only used it for 3 stops he was a bit angry because his boyfriend and his friend were already waiting in front of Heaven. I told them I was going to get a Cheeseburger, but they were a bit annoyed by the bus and that we were late because I drank my drink, so I told them to go ahead and I would meet them inside. I don’t have any problem with this.

So in McDonalds…only a cheeseburger. With that I still have not gone over my limit even with the gin and tonic and wine I had before J after I got my burger I went to the toilet just to be on the safe side because you don’t even want to know how the toilets are in Heaven… not up for my liking at all. So I went in and I was pushing the doors rationally to see which one is empty when the 2nd one opened but immediately someone shouted that – Heyy yoo!
It was a cute guy…but why did not he lock the door, I was annoyed with this, why is he shouting when he did not lock the door…anyway he politely said:
-No worries you can come in…let me flush it – trying to be funny – he said you know you can come in now, just turn down the seating…and watch out because you cannot lock the door.
- Oh I don’t want to go in this cubicle if I cannot close the door… - I said, then he rushed in to the cubicle with me and checked it. I was a bit surprised…but he was not able to lock it, so he offered:
- OK. You don’t worry, I will be the gate keeper and won’t let anyone in. – then he added – if you are not going to you know…poopoo. Whether he tried to be funny or not I felt it was too much for me, but he really waited for me and once even said to someone – that is busy…I am waiting for my girlfriend. – cute is not it......

The gate keeper. Source: here.

.....but then once I finished I was put off quite much…I came out of the cubicle and he was there with the cute face and started the usual topics while I washed my hand, like where I was from, name job etc….and unfortunately I smelled him…Poor him, he had such a bad and strong body odour…well sweat odour, that I felt ashamed talking to him…I know this might be too much from my side, but I cannot help, if someone is smelly it really puts me off… - I sometimes think about it I am moaning about not to have a boyfriend, even though I am not smelly haha – so then these boys or girls that are smelly…who would want to cuddle with them? Ahh I sound horrible now, but I can’t help.
So he waited for me to wash and dry my hands and then I thought OK this is enough now…he is not my boyfriend and I am not up for any new friendship in a McD on a Friday night. He came out with me still talking, but I did not really listen I just wanted him to disappear…I did not ask him to be the gatekeeper I could have waited for the next cubicle…30 seconds would not have changed anything.
Since he asked what I was up to I thought he was going to join to me, but luckily at the door he stopped and went back to his friends. Phew I thought...

Then, after eating my ‘healthy’ Cheeseburger dinner at a dim street corner, I was ready to join the queue to Heaven. I stepped in the narrow queue area and I immediately noticed the guy just in front of me….I wanted to run back straightaway, but since the line was so narrow and people were already behind me, it was impossible to turn back. Of course he noticed me as well…He acted we were great friends, then introduced me to his pals he was with. I have to acknowledge they were funny :)

Heaven G-A-Y London. :)

However as usual everything takes longer for girls, the body and bag search took longer too. So while I was still waiting to be searched the guy already went in and came out, then came to me instead of his friends…to lend him money for the entry…well I’m sorry but whether this was a genuine request or just something where he could get my number I don’t know, but I refused him, which he did not really like…and I had free entry anyway :)

Well the night was not over here….when I went in it was crowded as usual, but I found my friends easily. We were also joined by other friends of friends, but we did not know this at the time when 3 girls just popped up out of nowhere. Two of them were really into each other and the third one was dancing next to me, when she started to chat to me.

- Hey are you straight? – she asked me.
- Yes I am – I answered while I was still moving around.
- Awwwww where are all the girls?? – she asked me.
I can’t be of sure but I think she meant gay girls…after this she was with us the whole night and she kept telling me how wonderful I was and how beautiful my eyes were. :)

Well clearly, whether she was a lesbian or not, I got some attention from her :) which I was happy for even though I was not up for anything with her.
After leaving the place at around 3am, my friend, Marianna expressed her feelings that she did not like the place because she did not get any attention from men….but hey what can we expect from London’s one of the biggest and trashiest Gay club? We can expect many hot guys, many nice bodies, yet we have to bear in mind they all belong to a gay person, who can be our best friend but will never be our lover.

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