Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sarospatak: Mountain lake....Hungary's new tourist beauty spot....according to the English Mirror magazine

Today I came across an article from It was about...what else...yes about Hungary! Especially about Sarospatak in the Northern region.

The short article mentions that this mountain lake is Hungary's number 1 beauty spot.

Please see the photos that were all taken from Mirror, where the article also originates from.

Further on this I also searched for other interesting and appealing places in Hungary.
A Bél-kő látványa a Bálapátfalvára vezető keskeny aszfaltútról
Bél kő from the road to Bélapátfalva from here.

Whinstone/basalt at Somoskő. Please note that this is not man made!!! Shot by kelepeti.
Whinstone/basalt at Somoskő. Shot by kelepeti.

Szelim barlang - Szelim cave
Selim cave by mola52.
Clinker peaks at Zagyvaróna. Photo by -=Crusader=-.
Egerszalók SÓHEGY ANNO
Saltbath at Egerszalók. Photo by G_Magdi
Saltbath at Egerszalók. Photo by kallojazmin.
I hope you enjoyed these places and if you have some time in Hungary visit them :)

I also need to visit them :)


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