Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tower of London and Design Museum filled with Hungarians

Hey there Sentimentalists again!!!

What a bright and sunny day today :) in the middle of October in London :) Yeah since one of the newly built skyscrapers of town got its glass gown the morning sunshines in a certain time interval are reflected in an angle that it actually makes our office really bright :) yeah killing my eyes too :) but I love it!!! As usual London is still called as the 'foggy Albion'....which is not entirely true these years...or at least since I have been living here it is usually bright and sunny even in winter :)

Well it was a nice start, then everyone from my team just wanted to have this day over...some just got back from New York, some from elsewhere and me just wanted it over because I knew that our always 'epic' team meeting was not going to be in the office but we were going to visit the Design Museum.

I am a person who needs time to digest all those information, impressions, inspirations, colours, effects whatever an exhibition can possibly give you! In the office already some people wanted to leave the office as late as we could because they wanted to catch up with their tasks....but hey come on! Which museum is open till 8pm in London I'm asking this!!! None :( OK - some on like Thursday or Friday nights, but not on a rather normal Tuesday night. So I finally got everyone to leave around 4 which would have given us around 90 minutes....hmmm that's not enough I was thinking about it...but everyone kept saying
- Oh we really should not leave earlier because then we would finish before the normal working hours time and we would have to come back to the office...
Ahhh whatever I thought....well we are not the same kinda people...


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