Friday, 18 October 2013

New girl in the German office and Cafe Nero with Daniel

Happy Friday Folks!!!! :))
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Work was really relaxed today :) Basically I had the question yesterday from one of my colleague about what I am usually doing when there is nothing to do....what a tricky question...he is kind of new and not sure whether I can actually tell him the truth or not...what if he does not keep it for himself?
But yeah...when there is nothing to do....I am struggling...what to do... but even if there is nothing to do, I always find something for myself...I am creating new tasks for myself because I have the internet at home too and I am getting paid to do something and not to watch youtube. So my mind is always open for ideas! Yes! So even if it's a slow day then I'm trying to make it full with checking previous tasks and try to see where I could maybe cut out something or replace with an easier step.

I was writing an email to my new friend :) in lunch break. She works for the same company but in the German office and it turned out she was also Hungarian :) Finally!!! there are many Polish, Italian, Spanish, French etc just not another Hungarian... Well now even if not in the same building, or city....we could have now our own little friend circle, where we can speak in Hungarian, so the others could not understand it :) haha (this is what the other nations' citizens doing) so I was writing an email to her...but it became so longwinded that actually I have not even sent it to her....because she might think it's too much for the first time. Anyway I am happy buddying up with her :)

After work I met one of my ex university mate, Daniel. We know each other for almost 7 and half years and he knows quite a lot about me and vice versa...he was one of the best friend of Mark actually this is how I met him back in the days.

Daniel told me something weird, which I don't know to believe in or not...I mean I would believe in Daniel, but on the other hand I believe in Mark too...So he said that Mark started seeing someone else...well shall I be jealous? No I am not.
Shall I ask him? He would not confess I am a bit in dilemma again what to do...

Anyway What do you dear friend or dear reader think? Would you be straight outright with Mark and ask him about the other woman? Well I just want to know...but I am not even sure why I want to know since he has moved to Amsterdam...

It seems all the men I felt something for...moved out of London...or never moved here...but at least it gives some reason to visit Amsterdam, New York or Berlin ;)

Anyhow, I better get off now from here, because I still need to do some stuff.

Peace and Love till the next time! :)

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