Friday, 18 October 2013

The Grand Budapest Hotel.....shot in Berlin

I wanted to write about it since Tuesday, but I did not have time....This film has a double kick to me :)

The Grand Budapest Hotel ... first of all it has something to do with Budapest and secondly it was filmed in and out Berlin.

Image is taken from here.
Well unfortunately I still don't really know much about it and did not really have time to read about it, but the cast seems fantastic! And knowing the Oscar-nominated director Wes Anderson's other movies, this must be good as well. The trailer was released today! Check it out below!!!

It seems very funny and witty! However it is still not exactly clear where this place far none of my Hungarian friends have recognised the Hotel from the picture....

Does this hotel only exists in the imagination of Wes Anderson and the future audience? Or is this a real hotel?
The other controversial thing for me is the background...which definitely does not remind me of neither Budapest nor Berlin....
Is this a hotel that existed at one point at all? If so any idea where?
Where is the movie set? 

I like the whole idea of the poster that the background is so over romantic....and the hotel with its pink colour is like a huge candy....just like the movie....I think it will be a fantastic candy :)

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